Why is the organic sun product range recommended?

How does our range of mineral sunscreens differ from other sunscreens?

Our sunscreens range is a unique organic mineral sun product range, formulated with natural ingredients, which combines 100% natural mineral anti-UV screens and Alga-Gorria®, an active ingredient that neutralizes free radicals. Indeed, for the first time, this patented extract from red seaweed , wiht antioxidant power, is used in Organic cosmetic products. Natural sun products of Les Laboratoires de Biarritz are your best allies all year round to effectively prevent skin damage caused by UV radiation. 

How is the sun protection factor determined ?

The Sun Protection Factor, commonly known under the acronym SPF is the main measurement of the solar protection. The SPF values the protection provided against UVB rays.

It has the advantage of having the same definition in every country and measured by the same International Sun Protection Factor Test Method.

Is it necessary to use sunscreen all year long ?

It is necessary to adapt one's needs to one's lifestyle and phototype. For example, a fair-skinned person who works outdoors must use protection every day, even in winter, even on cloudy days. Generally speaking, as soon as you have to stay outside, you should protect yourself from UV rays whatever the season. You should also be careful indoors, for example if our office is located near a bay window, because UVA rays, responsible for accelerated skin ageing, pass through glass. 

Ideal for use in the city, Face Tinted Cream SPF30 is an effective sun product, a moisturiser and a skin perfector for daily use.

Why do some of your sunscreen products leave a few white marks? 

Organic certified sun protection products contain 100% mineral filters and can make some white marks because the mineral screen powders are white.

These mineral filters in natural sun products act immediately upon application. Very well tolerated by the skin, they have a strong covering power and act as small mirrors that will reflect UV rays.

The higher the sun product's protection factor, the greater the quantity of mineral sunscreens.

In our formulas, the white effect is minimised because we disperse the minerals as much as possible. Our R&D team is constantly working to improve the galenics of our mineral sun products.

What sun protection factor (SPF) should I choose ?

The choice depends mainly on the intensity of the sun's radiation and your skin type. Indeed, in certain extreme situations, on the beach or in the mountains, it is recommended to choose sun products with a high level of protection (SPF30, SPF50, SPF50+) because of the intensity of the radiation which is combined with high reflection from the sand or snow. This applies to all skin types.

For milky and fair skin, strong and very strong protection (SPF50, SPF50+) is always recommended as well as for skin with imperfections (rosacea, acne, recent scars...) or skin that is very sensitive to sun product radiation.  

In the case of pregnancy, for example, the skin's sensitivity to the sun is increased. To prevent the appearance of brown spots on different areas of the face (melasma or pregnancy mask), a very high protection factor (SPF50+) is then recommended.

As for younger skin, a very high protection factor (SPF50+) should always be chosen. As a reminder, babies and young children under 3 years of age should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Furthermore, they should be protected, even if they are in the shade, with a wide-brimmed hat, glasses and a T-shirt.

What are the phenomena responsible for premature aging of the skin?

UVA rays play a very important role in the ageing of our skin cells, but they are not the only cause. Pollution, tobacco, stress and alcohol abuse also have a deleterious effect on the structure of the skin because these factors induce an excessive production of free radicals, known as ""oxidative stress"". These free radicals degrade certain structures that make the skin ""young"", such as collagen or elastin fibres.

It is therefore essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to protect oneself from UVA rays by using sun products, preferably Organic certified.

Does sunscreen prevent you from tanning?

There is no sun product that stops 100% of UV rays. On a skin protected by a sun product, sunburn is avoided but a very small quantity of UV rays reaches the surface of the skin and activates the increased synthesis of melanin (a pigment present in the epidermis whose role is to protect the nucleus of the cells where the DNA is located from UV rays). This defence reaction of the skin leads to an increase in the skin's tan.

If you do not protect yourself, you risk sunburn: the ""burnt"" cells are eliminated and the tan does not last. 

Which organic sun product do you recommend for very white skin?

We recommend using a very high protection product: SPF50 or SPF50+. In the ALGA MARIS® range, three textures are available : Lotion, Spray and Cream specifically designed for the face. There is also a SPF50+ Stick for sensitive areas.

Whatever the chosen texture, we recommend you apply the sun product, evenly and generously, before exposure and reapply, especially in case of prolonged exposure and/or after swimming, wiping or perspiring. It is also recommended to gradually expose oneself and to avoid peak daylight hours. 

Are your organic sun products suitable for sensitive skin? 

Our products are formulated to guarantee maximum tolerance and and safety: no added fragrances in the SPF50 and SPF50+, no preservatives in most of our products, choosing natural origin products, certified organic formulas, etc. 

Our sun shields are mineral screens that are chemically inert: they do not react with the skin to reduce risk of allergies/ irritation to the maximum. Mineral screens are the shields used in sunscreen ranges for sensitive or even intolerant skin (as opposed to chemical ones). 

Nine products have been hypoallergenic tested:

  • SPF50 Face and Body Lotion,
  • SPF50 Face and Body SPORT Lotion,
  • SPF50+ Baby & Child Cream, SPF50+ Face and Body Spray,
  • SPF50+ Family Spray, SPF50+ Tinted Stick, SPF50+ SPORT Stick,
  • SPF30 Ocean & Mountain Lip Balm,
  • SPF30 SPORT Lip Balm.                                                                                                                                                                           
  • The SPF50+ Baby & Child Cream as well as the two
  • SPF50+ Sprays can be used by the youngest from the age of 6 months.                                                                                       
  • The SPF50+ Tinted Stick, the SPF50+ SPORT Stick
  • and the two SPF30 Lip Balms can be used by children from the age of 3 years.              

We would like to remind you that for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, it is recommended that you try the product on a small area beforehand, to verify that no reaction occurs. 

Are your products suitable for atopic skin ?

Atopic skin is very sensitive. They are often dry and eczema prone. Exposure to sunlight seems to improve the clinical state of the skin in most cases. But this exposure should be moderate and above all very well protected with high SPF sunscreens, to guarantee high tolerance and to not dry out the skin. 

In this way, we recommend the use of our ALGA MARIS ® SPF50+ Face and Body Spray, without added fragrances, without preservatives, hypoallergenic for maximum tolerance. It is also enriched in organic coconut and sunflower oil which gives it regenerative properties. Our ALGA MARIS ® SPF50+ Face and Body Spray is great for the whole family and notably for infants aged of 6 months and up. 

We would like to remind you that for sensitive and allergy-prone skin, it is recommended that you try the product on a small area beforehand, to verify that no reaction occurs. "

Are your products suitable for rosacea ?

This dermatological pathology mainly affects people with light photoypes. Rosacea is notably characterized by the excessive dilatation of blood vessels of the face. Heat and UVA can also worsen this swelling. 

In this way, people afflicted by rosacea should avoid direct exposure to sunlight and must protect their skin with high SPF sunscreens. We recommend our Face Sunscreen SPF50 and the Tinted Stick SPF50+ which protects and covers skin imperfections. 

Can i mix the tinted sunscreen with another non-tinted sunscreen product ?

Yes, it is possible to mix the Tinted SPF30 with our  SPF30 Face Sunscreen because the textures of the two products are identical. 

The most important aspect to take into consideration is to not reduce the quantity of cream applied in order to maintain effective sun protection. 

Can we use organic sunscreen in private pool?

There is no incompatibility between our Organic certified sunscreens and private swimming pools (chlorine…)

Futhermore, all of our sun products are water resistant.

Can I use pure vegetable oils as sun protection ?

At this point in time, the only two sunscreens recognized as such and really protecting against UV rays are mineral screens and chemical filters. 

Indeed, on the web, it is said that raspberry seed oil has an IP of 28-50 ""according to Anthony J. O'Lenick, author of ""Oils of Nature"""" but we do not know how he determined this. This oil is known to absorb a little in UV but from there to obtain an IP 30, nothing is less sure. In any case, we are not allowed to use this material as a sunscreen because it is not on the positive list of sunscreens in the cosmetics regulation.

Using vegetable oils such as raspberry seed vegetable oil poses health risks. 

As a reminder, mineral screens are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are of natural origin.

Which sun products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding? 

The following sun products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding:

In which situations is SPF50 Facial Sunscreen recommended?

The high protection index SPF50 guarantees high natural protection in any situation. Visage SPF50 sunscreen is ideal for milky, very fair or sun-sensitive skin. Its fragrance-free, non-greasy and very resistant to water and perspiration formula is perfectly suited to prolonged or intense sports activities.

Why choose a natural sunscreen?

An Organic Sunscreen from Biarritz Laboratories perfectly combines efficacy and tolerance. Certified Organic, its formula respects the health of your skin and the environment, contains anti-UV mineral screens and an exclusive antioxidant active ingredient that provides optimal cell protection.

Who are these organic sun care products for?

Our range of organic sun care products combining mineral screens and powerful antioxidants for optimal protection of the skin, is designed so that everyone can find the sunscreen that suits them: specific formula for children, light texture for combination skin, richer texture for skin dry, scar protection, tinted formulas ...

Is Les Laboratoires de Biarritz organic baby sunscreen suitable for babies?

Les Laboratoires de Biarritz offer two creams that can be used on children from 6 months: Baby & Child Sunscreen SPF50 + with its soft, creamy and nourishing texture which guarantees optimal protection and remains visible on the skin. SPF50 + Sun Spray (in 100ml or 150ml format) whose fluid and light texture leaves a minimum of white marks on application.

Baby & Child Sunscreen SPF50 + and Sun Spray SPF50 + are both hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

Why wear tinted sunscreen?

Our tinted mineral sunscreen is both an effective sun protector and a facial treatment that moisturizes, mattifies, unifies the complexion and guarantees a healthy glow. This sunscreen that can be used daily exists in 3 shades to adapt to your skin color.

Is there a sun stick?

Yes, we offer a Sun Stick SPF50 +, ideal for sports activities, such as surfing or skiing. It comes in 3 colors: white, purple and blue. In the solar range, we also offer a tinted SPF50 + Sun Stick to protect and camouflage scars and skin imperfections.

What are the advantages of SPF50 Bio Sunscreen from Laboratoires de Biarritz?

Our certified Organic SPF50 Facial Sunscreen offers you high sun protection thanks to its anti-UVA / UVB mineral screens and its patented red algae extract, Alga-Gorria®, a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals to prevent cell damage and skin aging induced by solar radiation. The SPF50 Face Sunscreen Cream offers real moisturizing and mattifying properties to your skin thanks to its non-greasy formula. It is a sunscreen that does not stick and does not run, it is ideal for sports and aquatic activities.

What is the difference between Sun Milk SPF30 and Sun Spray SPF30?

Our organic sun lotion has a different texture from that of the organic sun spray. Organic sun milk, in addition to being an effective sun protector, has a creamy texture ideal for skin prone to dryness. It hydrates and nourishes the skin. The sun spray has the same SPF30 protection factor and a fluid texture. It is perfect for normal to combination skin.

Why choose an organic sun spray?

All our sun protection products are certified organic: they respect your skin and the environment. The certified organic sun spray provides natural sun protection thanks to its anti-UVA / UVB mineral screen and its patented extract of red algae with antioxidant properties. Available in sun protection indices SPF30 and SPF50 +, this organic sun product offers a fluid and light texture, easy to apply.

What sunscreen is recommended for babies?

We remind you that a child under 3 years old should not be exposed directly to the sun. To effectively protect the fragile skin of the youngest, we recommend Baby & Child Sunscreen SPF50 +. This sunscreen for Babies and Children has a very high sun protection index as well as a hypoallergenic and fragrance-free formula, perfectly suited to effectively protect the fragile skin of toddlers from the sun.

From what age can I apply baby sunscreen?

Thanks to its high tolerance, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic tested formula, Baby & Child Sunscreen SPF50 + is suitable for children from 6 months.

Why choose an organic lip balm?

The Sea & Mountain Lip Balm SPF30 from Biarritz Laboratories is certified organic. This natural lip balm (100% of ingredients of natural origin), with a hypoallergenic formula, provides long-lasting sun protection to your lips and prevents them from drying out.

Is the Sun Stick suitable for sport?

The certified Organic SPF50 + Sun Stick is perfectly suited to sports, both at sea and in the mountains. The texture of the stick is easily applicable to specific areas (nose, ears, cheekbones, etc.). Highly resistant to water and perspiration, the Sun Stick SPF50 + does not stick or run.

Why choose an organic tinted sun stick?

The SPF50 + Tinted Sun Stick is ideal for protecting skin imperfections that are vulnerable to UV radiation from the sun. The advantage of this Face and Body sun stick is that it helps to camouflage sensitive areas (recent scars, hyperpigmentation spots, acne spots, etc.) thanks to its natural color and its covering texture.

Does the organic sun stick protect like a sunscreen?

Our organic sun stick has a very high protection index SPF50 +. Its compact size and its texture compared to those of a sunscreen, facilitate its application on areas particularly sensitive to the harmful rays of the sun and difficult to protect such as the nose, cheekbones, ears.

What are the benefits of natural sun protection?

Our range of natural sun protection, certified organic, effectively protects against the harmful effects of the sun and takes care of your skin while respecting the environment. The organic certification of our sun care products (Ecocert or COSMOS Organic standards and Cosmébio label) is the guarantee of healthy cosmetics, a very large proportion of ingredients of natural origin (+ 99% in our formulas) and of the absence of risky ingredients from petrochemicals. With Bio sun protection from Biarritz Laboratories, you know what you are applying to your skin!

Is there specific protection for athletes?

Yes ! We have created a complete line of SPORT sun care products in practical and compact formats. Composed of SPF30 and SPF50 sun milks, SPF50 + sun sticks, a Sea & Mountain SPF30 lip balm and an after-sun fluid, you will find the essentials for optimal protection during all your activities.

Formulated to resist water and perspiration, so as not to run into the eyes and not to get in the way, these products have been 100% studied and designed for athletes.

These treatments can be used as sun protection for skiing or surfing, both in the mountains and at sea, wherever you need to protect yourself from the sun.

Which sun protection to choose?

To protect yourself from the sun, you must take into account its phototype (sensitive skin? Easily sunburned? Tan quickly? ...) and the exposure conditions (sea, mountain, latitude, time and duration of exposure). According to your needs, we offer a wide choice of certified organic sun care products: face sunscreen, tinted or not, face and body sun milk or spray, specific protection for babies and children, etc. Depending on your sensitivity to the sun and your type of activity, we have declined our organic sun protection products in several protection indices: SPF30, SPF50 and SPF50 +. We also have an exclusive range of SPORT sun care products, designed for athletes. All our sun protections are natural and organic, you can only make the right choice!

Is there a sunscreen for men?

All our organic sunscreens are intended for both women and men.

On which parts of the body can Monoi oil be used?

The advantage of organic Monoi oil is that you can use it all year round, on the body and even on your hair to enhance it! Easy to apply, it adapts to all skin types.

Does Monoi oil protect against UV rays?

Contrary to many popular beliefs, Monoi oil does not protect against the sun. It is used as a moisturizer but does not protect against UVA / UVB rays.

Pourquoi la mention [Nano] apparaît-elle désormais accolée au dioxyde de titane et à l’oxyde de zinc dans la liste d’ingrédients de vos solaires ? 

Depuis le 1er janvier 2022, dans la liste des ingrédients présente sur nos packagings, apparait la mention [nano] accolée au dioxyde de titane et à l'oxyde de zinc (écrans minéraux protégeant des UVB et des UVA). 

La mention [nano] apparaît à cause d'un changement de technique de mesure des filtres minéraux. 

A l'heure actuelle, il n'existe pas de technique normée pour évaluer les nanoparticules. Il en existe plusieurs et la législation n’impose pas d’en privilégier une par rapport à une autre.

Jusqu’à présent, nous utilisions la technique DLS qui permet de mesurer les filtres minéraux tels qu'ils sont naturellement dans les produits finis et une fois appliqués sur la peau, c'est à dire enrobés et agglomérés, formant de gros agrégats.

Mais, en France, les organismes de contrôle utilisent exclusivement une autre technique, la MEB (Microscopie Electronique à Balayage). Or, cette technique modifie l’état réel des écrans minéraux. En effet, elle inclue, avant mesure, une modification des agrégats naturels et une sélection des plus petites particules. Puis, elle mesure la plus petite dimension de ces particules. Cette technique engendre des résultats qui impactent directement le statut réglementaire des substances analysées : des particules qui jusqu’alors étaient mesurées "non nano" sont aujourd’hui mesurées et identifiées comme "nano".

Les Laboratoires de Biarritz ont décidé de suivre les orientations des organismes de contrôle et donc d’effectuer des modifications au niveau de la liste des ingrédients présente sur les packagings de ses Soins Solaires.

Mais, nos formules demeurent inchangées. Cette nouvelle mention ne change strictement rien à l’innocuité et à la sécurité apportées par nos Soins Solaires certifiés BIO :

- les filtres minéraux présents dans nos Soins Solaires, dioxyde de titane et oxyde de zinc, sont inertes et stables, ce qui leur confère une tolérance optimale ; ils ne provoquent ni allergie, ni irritation sur la peau.

- en application cutanée, dioxyde de titane et oxyde de zinc possèdent une totale innocuité déjà mise en évidence par de nombreuses études. 

- récemment, nous avons fait réaliser sur nos solaires une nouvelle étude scientifique qui prouve à nouveau que nos filtres minéraux restent strictement à la surface de la peau. Ils ne pénètrent pas à travers les couches de la peau, ne présentent donc aucun risque de passage dans la circulation générale et dans l'organisme. Ils sont donc totalement sûrs. (Etude publiée dans le Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications - sept 2021).

- au-delà de l'innocuité prouvée de nos filtres minéraux, les formules de nos Soins Solaires sont certifiées Bio avec 99,5% à 100% d'ingrédients d'origine naturelle. C'est la garantie de formules saines, sans aucun ingrédient d'origine pétrochimique à risque ou controversé.

Quels produits utiliser quand on est sensible/intolérant au soleil ? 

Pour les peaux sensibles ou intolérantes au soleil, les Laboratoires de Biarritz vous proposent deux soins autobronzants, le Lait et les Gouttes, qui procurent un joli hâle, lumineux et naturel, toute l’année, sans avoir besoin de s’exposer au soleil. 

Le Lait Autobronzant Hydratant est un soin prêt à l’emploi tandis que les Gouttes Autobronzantes, pour être utilisées, doivent être mélangées à un soin hydratant, Visage ou Corps*.

Attention, n’oubliez pas : un soin Autobronzant n’est pas un protecteur solaire.

*soins HYDRA-PROTECT+ des Laboratoires de Biarritz : Fluide hydratant VisageCrème hydratante VisageCrème Nourrissante Corps.

Quelle est la différence entre une protection solaire et un autobronzant ? 

Un soin de protection solaire permet de protéger la peau contre les effets délétères des rayons UVB et UVA, à savoir les coups de soleil et le vieillissement prématuré de la peau.

Aux Laboratoires de Biarritz, nos formules de protection solaire contiennent des écrans minéraux (seuls filtres solaires autorisés en certification Bio) qui protègent la peau des rayonnements UVA et UVB.

Dans un soin autobronzant, il n’y a pas de filtres solaires anti UVB/UVA mais des actifs qui vont agir sur les cellules de la couche cornée de la peau pour créer un hâle, sans exposition solaire. 

Quels sont les produits nettoyants démaquillants utilisables pendant la grossesse et l'allaitement ?

Tous les produits de la gamme des soins nettoyants démaquillants peuvent être utilisés pendant la grossesse et l'allaitement :

  • Le Démaquillant biphasé 
  • L’Huile démaquillante 
  • L’Eau micellaire
  • Le Lait démaquillant 
  • Le Gommage éclat 

Le démaquillant biphasé est-il utilisable sur le maquillage waterproof, longue tenue et sans transfert ? 

Oui, le Démaquillant Biphasé élimine rapidement et sans effet gras les maquillages les plus tenaces. Il combine une phase huileuse qui démaquille en douceur et une phase aqueuse enrichie en actifs apaisants et hydratants.

Le Démaquillant Biphasé convient-il aux porteurs de lentilles de contact ?

Oui, ce démaquillant est adapté aux porteurs de lentilles de contact.