Last year i bought organic cosmetic products, can i use them again this year?

As long as our Organic cosmetics are unopened, they remain stable for at least 30 months from the date of production. 

Our Organic cosmetic products have no expiry date before opening, as required by the cosmetic regulations. 

All our Organic cosmetic products have a batch number corresponding to the date of production. 

Only moisturizing Self-Tanning Lotion and Self-Tanning Drops have a batch number and an expiry date (DLUO) corresponding to 24 months after the production date.  

Once opened, our organic cosmetic products are subject to an expiry date after opening (OAP). This is written on the pack, in the ""cream jar"" symbol.

What is the difference between moisturizing face fluid and moisturizing face cream? 

The texture of the moisturising face fluid is lighter than the texture of the moisturising face cream, which is richer in nourishing and protective active ingredients. The moisturising face cream contains, for example, shea butter, squalane and essential fatty acids that will better protect the skin in case of stress due to cold or dry weather. The moisturising face fluid contains, among other things, an active ingredient that, on the contrary, will absorb excess sebum that may be the result of hot or humid weather.

Can I put my lotion in the fridge to keep it fresh for longer ?

It is hard to say if that will increase the shelf life of the product. 

In any case, keeping products in the fridge is a good tip for some like our After-Sun and our Eye Contour, to make putting them on feel even more refreshing and to stimulate micro-circulation. 

Are your organic cosmetic products hypoallergenic?

Sun product range: 11 products are hypoallergenic tested, namely the SPF50 Tinted Face Sun Screen, the SPF50+ Face and Body Spray, the SPF50+ Family Spray, the SPF50+ Baby & Child Cream, the SPF50+ Baby & Child Cream SPORT, the SPF50 Face and Body Lotion, the SPF50 Face and Body SPORT Lotion, the SPF50+ Tinted Stick, the SPF50+ Coloured Stick (white, blue, mauve), the SPF30 Sea&Mountain Lip Balm, the SPF30 SPORT Lip Balm.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Reparative range and Baby range: all products are hypoallergenic tested.

Moisturising range: there are no labelled allergens in each of the 8 products in the range.

Particular attention has been paid to the Eye contour care and Micellar water: both products are fragrance-free and have been tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

In general, our Research has as a requirement to limit the number of ingredients within its formulas and to rigorously select only those with the highest tolerance so that our Organic cosmetic care products are as safe as possible and respect the health of your skin.

However, for sensitive and allergic skin, we advise people to carry out a preliminary test on a small area to check that no reactions occur.

What is the expiration date of organic cosmetic products?

Expiration dates are not printed on most cosmetic products. Cosmetic regulations stipulate that expiration dates are not obligatory for products that are stable for 30 months and over, and only the EAO (Expiration After Opening) should be clearly stated.

On the other hand, for products that do NOT last longer than 30 months, an expiration date is obligatory.

Our products do not have any particular constraints as determined by various analysis and are stable for at least 30 months after production.

For example, to find out ALGA MARIS® sun care production date, you must look at the batch number : the first two numbers will correspond with the year, for example 19 for 2019. Next, you will see a letter that corresponds with the month in alphabetical order: A for January, B for Febuary,… L for December. The last number corresponds with a time of day.

Once the product has been opened, refer to the little symbol that looks like a plastic jar on the packaging (ex: 8M means that it should be used in the 8 months following opening). 

What is the expiry date ?

Out of precautionary measures, we put sure expiry dates on our products. To calculate this date, we base ourselves on hypothetical calculations taking into account the product composition and the results of different tests that we have performed on each product. This estimation gives us a value that we systematically decrease to avoid any risk linked to product spoilage. 

Which products from Les Laboratoires de Biarritz can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Here is the list of the different products that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Suncare :  

SPORT Suncare :  


Hydrat-Protect+ Care :  

Reparative Care :  

Comment utiliser les Gouttes Autobronzantes ?

Les Gouttes Autobronzantes ne s’utilisent pas seules, elles doivent toujours être mélangées à un soin pour le corps ou le visage.

C’est très simple ! Dans le creux de la main, disposez une noisette de votre soin Visage ou Corps* et mélangez-y les Gouttes Autobronzantes : 1 à 3 gouttes pour un effet léger à moyen, 4 à 7 gouttes pour un effet plus intense. Appliquez uniformément en estompant au niveau des sourcils, de la racine des cheveux, des coudes et genoux. Evitez le contour des yeux.

Après l’application, lavez-vous les mains et les ongles avec un savon pour éviter leur coloration.

Patientez 24 heures pour juger de l’effet autobronzant et réappliquez si besoin.

*soins HYDRA-PROTECT+ des Laboratoires de Biarritz : Fluide hydratant Visage, Crème hydratante Visage, Crème Nourrissante Corps.

A quelle fréquence renouveler l’application des Gouttes Autobronzantes ? 

Les Gouttes Autobronzantes Laboratoires de Biarritz vous permettent d’avoir un hâle doré, naturel et sur-mesure. 

Après l’application, il faut attendre 24 heures pour juger de l’effet autobronzant. 

Si vous souhaitez l’intensifier, réappliquez le soin et attendez de nouveau 24 heures.

Si le hâle obtenu est jugé satisfaisant et que vous souhaitez l’entretenir, une nouvelle application toutes les 48 heures suffira.

Si vous ne réappliquez pas le soin autobronzant, le hâle disparaîtra au bout de quelques jours avec la desquamation naturelle de la peau.

Puis-je mélanger les Gouttes Autobronzantes à une huile hydratante

Les Gouttes Autobronzantes ne se mélangeront pas correctement dans un soin uniquement huileux (ex : huile d’argan).

Les Gouttes Autobronzantes doivent être utilisées avec un soin, Visage ou Corps*, ayant une texture crème ou fluide.

*soins HYDRA-PROTECT+ des Laboratoires de Biarritz : Fluide hydratant VisageCrème hydratante VisageCrème Nourrissante Corps.

Puis-je m’exposer au soleil après avoir mis de l’autobronzant ?

Le hâle obtenu grâce à un soin autobronzant est un phénomène strictement superficiel puisqu’il se localise au niveau de la couche supérieure de l’épiderme. Ce hâle disparaîtra au bout de quelques jours avec la desquamation naturelle de la peau.

Ce phénomène est totalement différent du bronzage obtenu grâce aux rayons UVB du soleil. 

Pour cette raison, une peau même autobronzée doit être protégée du soleil à l’aide d’un protecteur solaire.

Ce masque est-il adapté aux peaux grasses ?

Avec sa texture "cocon", douce et enveloppante, le Masque Désaltérant Bio s'adapte à tous types de peaux.

Comment utiliser ce Masque ?

Appliquer généreusement 1 à 2 fois par semaine sur le visage et le cou propres.

En masque de jour : laisser poser 10 minutes puis faire pénétrer ou retirer l’excédent.

En masque de nuit : appliquer et laisser poser toute la nuit.

Pour un résultat optimal, utiliser le Gommage Eclat en amont.

Dois-je me laver les mains après utilisation de la crème scintillante ?

Bien que la Crème Scintillante Corps ne colore pas la peau et ne tache pas, nous recommandons de se laver les mains pour éviter les risques d’ingestion.

Peut-on s’habiller aussitôt après application ?

Non grasse et non collante, notre Crème Corps Scintillante Corps pénètre facilement et rapidement, ce qui vous permet de vous vêtir aussitôt après application.

A quel type de peau convient cette crème scintillante corps ?

La Crème Scintillante Corps est idéale pour tous les types de peaux qu'elle rend confortables et veloutées.

How do I apply Monoï on my skin?

You can apply the Monoï on dry or wet skin and make it penetrate with light circular movements to hydrate, nourish and sublimate your skin. It is normal for Monoi to be frozen at an ambient temperature below 25 ° C. To make it liquid, you just need to heat it up by passing it under a stream of hot water.

Why use a soap-free and sulfate-free shower gel?

This soap-free and sulfate-free shower gel cleans your skin while respecting its sensitivity and natural balance.

How to use dry oil on the body?

You can use Dry Oil on the body daily. It can be applied to dry as well as to damp skin, using light circular movements. Its texture quickly penetrates the skin. It does not leave a greasy feeling and allows rapid dressing after its application.

What are the benefits of dry face oil?

Our Dry Oil contains in its formula marine active ingredients (brown algae and sea fennel) and four organic vegetable oils (camelina, sunflower, plum and hemp) which allow your skin to regain its tone, suppleness and elasticity. It can be used as a serum: apply a few drops on the face before your day care.

How to use dry oil on the body?

You can use Dry Oil on the body daily. It can be applied to dry as well as to damp skin, using light circular movements. Its texture quickly penetrates the skin. It does not leave a greasy feeling and allows rapid dressing after its application.

How to use this body scrub?

Apply the scrub to the body and gently exfoliate with circular movements. Once finished, you can rinse off. You will then obtain a very soft and sublimated skin. You can repeat the operation once or twice a week.

What is a mist for?

Thanks to its airy texture, the Milky Mist from Biarritz Laboratories hydrates and refreshes the body with a simple gesture. Simple to apply, it is easily adopted in your daily skincare routine.

How to use a body mist?

You can use our Body Mist on the skin after you get out of the shower. All you need to do is spray the product on your body and voila, your skin is well hydrated.

What are the benefits of a pearly mist?

This pearly mist is composed of beneficial marine active ingredients such as extracts of Alaria Esculenta (brown algae) and Criste Marine. Together, they will help tone, revitalize and soften your skin.

A quel type de peau s’adresse ce Démaquillant Biphasé ?

Notre Démaquillant Biphasé convient à tous les types de peau, il est adapté aux yeux sensibles. 

Comment utiliser le démaquillant bi-phase ?

Bien agiter le flacon pour mélanger les deux phases puis appliquer le démaquillant sur un coton. Laisser poser le coton quelques secondes sur les yeux et les lèvres puis retirer le maquillage délicatement. 

Puis-je appliquer ce démaquillant biphasé sur les yeux et les lèvres ?

Oui, il s’applique sur les yeux et lèvres. Il est adapté aux yeux sensibles et ne pique pas les yeux.