What is the difference between a chemical filter and a mineral screen?

Chemical or organic filters, of synthetic origin, have to penetrate the epidermis in order to be active. They protect against UV rays by absorbing them. These filters only become active 20 to 30 minutes after application. They are also suspected of being able to modify the hormonal balance of man and pollute the environment (e.g. they participate in coral bleaching).

On the other hand, mineral screens, of totally natural origin, form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin that reflects UV rays like a mirror.

Mineral screens are immediately active, as soon as they are applied.

In organic certification, only mineral screens, namely titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are permitted.

In addition to their effectiveness against UVB and UVA rays, mineral sunscreens guarantee optimal tolerance and respect for the skin and the environment.

Are your organic cosmetics comedogenic? 

We take the greatest care in the formulation of our Organic cosmetic products. Our face care products do not contain ingredients known to be comedogenic. They do not contain any silicones either.

Our Organic cosmetic products contain 99.5% of ingredients of natural origin and up to 97.5% of the care comes from Organic Farming.

Do your organic cosmetics contain phthalates?

We do not use phtalates in our Organic certified products. All fragrances are of natural origin. 

We take the utmost care in the formulation of products, that contain more than 99.5% natural ingredients. 

Are there enssential oils in your products ?

We do not formulate our products with essential oils. However, some of our fragrances may contain them - which would mean very small percentages in the final product. 

Products that do not contain essential oils are :

- ALGA MARIS® SPF50 and SPF50+ sun Creams and sun Sticks,

- METEO LOGIC® Moisturising Face Cream and METEO LOGIC® Moisturising Face Fluid.

What is Alga-gorria®, a patented extract of red algae?

Alga-Gorria® is an exclusive active ingredient, extracted from the red alga Gelidium sesquipedale, specific to the Basque Coast. Alga-Gorria® is a powerful antioxidant. It is composed of the combination of carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) and mycosporin-like amino acids which gives it a broad spectrum of free radical neutralization.

Thus, by neutralizing free radicals, our patented red algae extract protects skin cells from free radical attacks and prevents premature skin aging.

Are your products vegan? Do you use ingredients of animal origin?

Our Organic cosmetic products are not VEGAN certified due to the presence of beeswax in the formulas of the following products: 

Are your products tested on animals?

Since its creation in 2011, Laboratoires de Biarritz have not carried out tests on animals.

For information, animal testing of finished products and their ingredients has been banned since 2013 (date of entry into force of cosmetics regulation n°1223/2009). Alternative methods are used to test our molecules and finished products. 

As far as raw materials are concerned, we systematically ask all our suppliers for certificates of non-testing on animals. 

De quoi est composé ce Gommage Bio ?

Comme dans tous nos Soins Nettoyants-Démaquillants, l’actif phare de la gamme est un extrait de Laminaire de Neptune (algue brune) qui apaise les tiraillements et ravive l’éclat de la peau. Notre Gommage Eclat est également composé de deux exfoliants d’origine végétale : la poudre de Noix de Coco et la Cire de Ricin (espèce végétale). On y retrouve aussi de l’Aloe Vera bio et de l’Huile de Jojoba Bio qui vont hydrater et apaiser la peau.