Why is the organic sun product range recommended?

The UV rays of sun light have an impact on the skin and the body. UVA plays a very important role in the phenomenon of skin ageing, while UVB and UVA induce changes in the DNA of the cells that can have serious consequences for our health. 

You should therefore not wait until you are at the beach or in situations of extreme sunshine to use Organic sun product because the skin is permanently subjected to UV rays in all seasons, even on cloudy days.

Effective protection is therefore essential to guard against the harmful effects of UVB and UVA rays. The range of natural sun products, certified organic and optimally tolerated, has been designed to enable everyone to enjoy the sun product in complete safety.

The protection of babies and children is also very important. The first 18 years of life are when we receive the most sunlight. If we add to this the fragility of the skin of the youngest children, sun protection is fundamental and the prevention offered by ALGA MARIS® mineral sun cream enables your child's sun product to be preserved as well as possible.