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Waving For Help: Our Over-Worked, Damaged, and Dried Out Hands

Waving For Help: Our Over-Worked, Damaged, and Dried Out Hands

ALGA CICOSA® Reparative Cream mends and calms irritated skin.

In this era of viral propagation, more than ever, washing your hands has become a ubiquitous preventative health measure. It is absolutely necessary yet it can stress the epidermis, which can get very dry, irritated, even painful.

From the get-go, the skin covering the hands is particularly fragile: thin, naturally little hydrated, it has few sebaceous glands. Covering its surface is the acid mantle, which ensures soft and supple skin, and the acid mantle is easily eliminated by the use of overly caustic cleansing products. In this way, the skin dehydrates quickly, and presents intense drying as soon as it becomes over-worked, especially with renewed washing.

The epidermis makes up a barrier with dual roles: blocking dehydration and protecting against external insult. Altered, irritated, or damaged, it becomes unable to fulfill these missions. Rapidly, the skin suffers from strong dehydration, gets red and feels rough. Allergens and other pathogens present in the environment can more easily penetrate into the organism.

In the most extreme cases, such as in healthcare workers that may wash their hands up to 100 times per day, or people with eczema or psoriasis, the washing can become painful, causing intense itchiness or burning sensations. The washing, although necessary, can become a true test of grit.

It is crucial to help the skin quickly rebuild itself to achieve a complete shielding effect, as well as to find relief.

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ALGA CICOSA® Reparative Cream stimulates the restoration of the epidermis of hands that are damaged, irritated or suffering from intense dryness.

Its optimized formula promotes the optimal reconstruction of the skin, and the disappearance of feelings of discomfort: made with healing, moisturizing, nourishing, and soothing ingredients.

  • If possible, prefer washing your hands with soap. Indeed, because of their high alcohol content, cleansing gels worsen dehydration.
  • Prefer a “soapless” or enriched soap.
  • Next, make sure to dry the hands well, delicately and with rubbing.
  • And after each washing, apply ALGA CICOSA® Certified Organic Reparative Cream with a patented reparative ingredient made from red seaweedd, Alga Sendatu®. It should be noted that applying a reparative cream after washing does not diminish the disinfecting effect of washing.
  • And in the evening, apply a thick layer of the Reparative Cream and let it soak in overnight. You can even wear cotton gloves all night to promote better penetration.