Laboratoires de Biarritz x Sélune: Collaborating Poetry and Tatooing

Laboratoires de Biarritz x Sélune: Collaborating Poetry and Tatooing

To celebrate the release of our Reparative Tattoo Aftercare Cream, we joined forces with the tattoo artist Sélune to decorate our bottle. What to check it out?

Because tattoos have become an accessory like any other, it was important for Laboratoires de Biarritz to offer a product that repairs tattooed skin and ensures optimal aesthetics. Tattoos require care after being put in your skin, when it is healing over, but also for your entire life. The Reparative Tattoo Aftercare Cream moisturizes, soothes, and sanitizes the area of the tattoo, where the skin was damaged. It will be your go-to for daily reparative aftercare and plays the role of a protective bandage.

A Few Words About Sélune

Mother of an 8 year old child, Sélune is also a dedicated tattoo artist.

She has been a resident of the Parisian tattoo salon Yoso for the past seven years. Parisian and a city-lover since forever, she is still very sensitive to nature and the element of water. She made them her main source of inspiration for her work and her art: “I love the poetry of living things on the body.”

Plants make up a big part of what I do. They are truly a life-force that can reach perfect symbiosis with the body”.

Everything around her inspires her, and she is eager to speak of her openness to beauty that one can find in everything in the world and around her.

When she talks about her job and tatooing, she also speaks of spirituality, of sensuality of line work.

For Sélune, a tattoo can be a way to show love, emancipation, or a way to re-appropriate your body.

Selune tatoueuse
Crédit Mylène Comte
Crème réparatrice post tatouage
Crédit Mylène Comte

Inspiring Ingredients

The Reparative Tattoo Aftercare Cream is rich in our own patented ingredient, Alga Sendatu®.

It is made from seaweed and has great reparative power. Its formula is also made with Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, and Organic Aloe vera to moisturize, protect, and nourish at depth.

Adding zinc to act as an antiseptic antimicrobial, ideal for freshly tattooed skin.

100% natural-origin ingredients, including 28% from Organic farming. Particularities that echo Sélune’s vision, she who loves being inspired by natural elements.

In this way, she used our certified Organic formula to decorate the packaging: plants and seaweeds, everything is here.

Sélune also represented the idea of protection by the drawing of the moon, symbol of cycles, of tides, of kindness and healing.

Strong and Shared Sense of Purpose

Laboratoires de Biarritz is careful to preserve the environment and to protect the oceans. Our formulas are respectful and with a purpose.

The idea is to preserve your skin from the outside world.

To do so, it is impossible to pass aside strict selection of ingredients, and that is why our Reparative Tattoo Aftercare Cream is certified Organic and Cosmos Organic.

For Sélune, it was “essential to work with a brand that pays attention to the environment and the oceans in its manufacturing and its ingredients”.

That is what we did, and we are proud of it.

soin réparateur tattoo
Crédit Mylène Comte