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Our Research reveals the power of the natural world with state of the art science. Our patented ingredients are made from seaweed. These marine organisms have incredible systems of defence and protection. 

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Until now, our R&D has concentrated its work on one species of red seaweed of the Basque coastline : GELIDIUM SESQUIPEDALE. 

Our Research focused on understanding its ecology in order to identify the molecules of interest that it contains to unlock the secrets of their extraction and create patented extracts that keep the skin healthy.

Alga-Gorria® : Exclusive Antioxidant

Free radicals are very unstable molecules that can affect all cellular components through oxidation: DNA, structural proteins, enzymes, and lipid membranes. As part of normal physiology, free radicals are continually produced in small quantities, but efficiently neutralized by internal mechanisms. When free radicals are produced in excess through the action of internal and external factors, these mechanisms are overwhelmed. In this case oxidative stress occurs, very detrimental  for cells and most notably those of the skin. In the dermis, free radicals damage structures that guarantee the youth of the skin such as collagen and elastin as wells as deplete hyaluronic acid reserves, which speeds up skin ageing. The factors that promote over-production of free radicals are as much environmental like pollution or UV exposure, as internal  and specific to everyone like nutrition, stress, or physical fitness. 

Antioxidants are any type of ingredient that slows, stops, or reverses the damage caused by oxidative stress occurring in our cells.

Alga-Gorria® : Exclusive Antioxidant

Alga-Gorria® protects cells by neutralizing free radicals

 Alga-Gorria®, our patented seaweed extract, is a powerful antioxidant. It is made up of an assembly of carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) and mycosporine-like amino acids that confer a wide spectrum of neutralization of free radicals. 

Alga-Gorria® is up to 5x more antioxidant that pure vitamin C (ORAC test). 

In this way, by neutralizing free radicals, our patented red seaweed extract protects skin cells from attack by free radicals and slows premature skin ageing.

 Alga-Gorria®  protects cells by neutralizing free radicals

Alga-Sendatu®: exclusive reparative active ingredient

The epidermis is the first bodily tissue separating our organism and the outside environment. Its integrity must be preserved to ensure two essential roles that provide the “barrier function”: protection against exterior pathogenic agents and regulation of water loss. That said, it can easily be altered (rubbing, piercing, irritation, inflammation, etc) which leads to disruption of the barrier function. 

When the epidermis is damaged,  skin cells must multiply in order to restore this function.

Alga-Sendatu®: exclusive reparative active ingredient

Red algae from the Basque Country