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Hydra-Protect+: Multi-Action Skincare from Laboratoires de Biarritz

Hydra-Protect+: Multi-Action Skincare from Laboratoires de Biarritz

In cosmetics, new problems arose with our changing lifestyles and habits. Screens, pollution, blue light... Skin requires new types of protection. The new Hydra-Protect+ product range from Laboratoires de Biarritz is designed to support your skin during your daily routine, even at its most hectic!

On average, we spend six hours a day in front of screens. More and more studies are revealing that the blue light they emit is no good for our eyes, our internal rhythms, nor our skin. Although painless, blue light is insidious because its wavelengths between 380 and 475 nanometers penetrate deeply through the layers of the skin. It must be added to the list of common stresses endured by our epidermis. Just like pollution, tobacco smoke, stress, or fatigue, blue light generates powerful oxidative stress. Notably, this accelerates premature aging of cells and causes blemishes. Furthermore, the free radicals end up weakening the skin and in particular the skin barrier, which can no longer easily retain moisture. The epidermis requires improved moisturization and protection. To do so, Laboratoires de Biarritz is unveiling a rich and complete range of seven products inspired by our knowledge of the marine world.

Under the Spotlight

All the products protect and moisturize for 24 hours, but also:

– The Revitalizing Eye Contour erases dark lines and sagging, and smooths out fine lines. Its light gel-cream texture, with no added fragrances, is perfect for the fragile skin around the eye.

– The Replenishing Face Serum is imperceptible thanks to its “second skin” texture, but ultra-effective: it boosts moisturizing and creates a lifting effect.

– The Face Moisturizing Fluid comes with a light texture perfect for normal to combination skin. It prevents premature skin aging while providing comfort and suppleness to the skin.

– The Face Moisturizing Cream soothes dry skin and preserves its youthfulness.

– The Regenerating Face Night Cream activates cellular renewal during the night with a gentle, enveloping cocoon feel. In the morning, the skin is refreshed, smoothed out, and its tone uniform.

– The Protective Hand Cream prevents drying and shields from external stress without a sticky feel.

– The Nourishing Body Cream consolidates the skin barrier and deeply moisturizes with no greasy or sticky finish. Guaranteed to get you dressed fast!

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Crédit photo Mathieu Hemon
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Crédit photo Mathieu Hemon

Cutting Edge Ingredients

What is the objective of our time?

Thoroughly moisturize and protect, while providing a reserve of water and shielding ingredients to mistreated skin. For moisturizing,

Laboratoires de Biarritz is betting on several moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that act in complementarity. These include Organic hyaluronic acid from fermentation, which limits water loss and replenishes the epidermis, and a mix of essential fatty acids, plant squalane, and Organic plant oils that consolidate the skin barrier.

When it comes to protection, two innovative molecules work together. There is Alga-Gorria®, a red seaweed with antioxidant virtues but also an amino acid from a highly resistant marine microorganism capable of surviving in extreme conditions. This “extremolite” is a powerful shield against pollution and blue light, protecting cells from the deleterious effects of free radicals.

A Formula and A Pack With A Purpose

The new Hydra-Protect+ product range offers protective formulas, in which precious ingredients act in synergy.

It is Vegan, made in France, certified Organic, and suitable for pregnant women.

What is more, its containers and cases are recyclable, made with ISCC certified recycled plastic (circular economy based on the re-use of plastic), and with cardboard from sustainable forestry.

The airless packaging of the face products enables us to use fewer preservatives, increasing protection of the formulas, and the complete use of the product.

Finally, on the cardboard, the ink used is plant-based. For the body moisturizer, the recycled plastic tube used is the thinnest on of the market, reducing its weight, and its cap was narrowed to reduce the amount of plastic used.

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Crédit photo Mathieu Hemon