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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Sunscreen for Your Kids

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Sunscreen for Your Kids

Both pediatricians and dermatologists say it loud and clear: children should not be exposed to sunlight before the age of 3.  But even in the shade, you should not skip out on high protection factor sunscreen. This is because the skin of infants and young children can be severely damaged by the suns rays. Indeed, pigment producing cells are not yet mature and contain less melanin, our natural protection against UVs. Here are three things to pay close attention to when looking for a sunscreen for kids.

Choose SPF50+


You guessed it, that little plus sign is there for a reason. It is important to always examine the level of protection afforded by a sunscreen product and to choose Alga Maris® SPF50+, which blocks UVB and UVA to protect light tones and the sensitive skin of children.  Sunscreen with medium to low protection does not provide adequate protection from a dermatological standpoint.

More than just using good sunscreen, it is fundamental to protect kids with a hat, sunglasses. An anti-UV wetsuit can also be useful for the youngest children.  Even with that, you should avoid letting children play outside at the hottest times of the day, and it is necessary to re-apply sunscreen every two hours and each time leaving the water.

The risk of skin cancer as an adult is directly linked to the number of sunburns (caused by UVB) received during childhood. Made with 100% natural-origin mineral screens, Alga Maris® Suncare products effectively protect against UVB, UVA, and free radicals. Although sunscreens made with chemical filters are only effective 20 to 30 minutes after application, Alga Maris® products protect immediately.

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Enfants qui jouent sur le sable

Be Sure They Are Skin Safe

In Alga Maris® products, we concentrated our efforts on making a sunscreen for children as safe as possible for the skin. Children’s skin is more sensitive, it modifies itself during puberty and becomes more resistant. Our Baby Sunscreen (from 6 months and up) and Organic Children’s SPF50+ Sunscreen combine effectiveness and high skin tolerance thanks to the presence of mineral screens and a hypoallergenic formula, without added fragrances or preservatives. Its formula is certified Organic without controversial ingredients such as hormone disrupters.

Make Sure It Is Water Resistant

Kids love to play in the water. Even if you need to re-apply sunscreen after every ‘true’ swim, when they play at the edge of the water or in the pool and splash each other, they remain well protected.  The SPF50+ Organic Children’s Sunscreen is highly perspiration and water resistantfor both salt and chlorinated water.

Do not forget that excellent sun protection from the youngest age prevents the worst of the irreversible damage caused by the negative effects of the sun, like skin cancer, premature skin aging, or high sun sensitivity as an adult.