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Prepare You Skin For The Fresh Springtime Sun

Prepare You Skin For The Fresh Springtime Sun

April is the time of year that sun makes its first appearance after its winter hiatus... And with it, we often want to go outdoors to get a head start on our summer tan! Except that it doesn't always occur to us that the springtime sun is the most dangerous for your skin. Indeed, the skin is not used to being exposed and it is much more susceptible to sunburn. Which means that it is time to get out your sunscreen.

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Oh Sweet Sunshine, We Couldn’t Wait!

Finally, it is nice out!  But be careful, it is not because it still feels cool out that the sun is not dangerous for your skin.

In the beginning of April, there are often sunny blue sky days with cool temperatures or a hint of wind. It is misleading because you do not feel the heat and yet, it is absolutely necessary to protect yourself from the sun! It is during this season that we get the most sunburns, which means ultimately putting our health at risk.


Why Is SPF 50 Recommended?

SPF50 is essential for your skin that has spent the whole winter without seeing the sun. Melanocytes (cells that give the skin its color in the epidermis) are not “used to” UV rays. So it is important to let it adapt to these initial rays gradually, protecting your skin with high protection screens.

Furthermore, using sunscreen will not stop you from getting a tan. On the contrary, it will make you tan gradually without burning up. And we all know that a gradual tan lasts longer!

Remember to Protect Your Kids

Do you use Children’s Sunscreen when they go play on the beach during spring break? Very good! Also remember to tell them about the sun when the go to school. We know that our little cutie pies can play outside for long periods of time at recess, so be careful about sunburns on their fragile skin.

Did you know that only 4 minutes of sun for a child is the equivalent to 1 hour for an adult? It is all the more alarming when you find out that 80% of the damage done to our skin happens before the age of 18!  

In short, protecting yourself from the sun is of course essential for your health but it is also reflex that keeps you looking your best. Not protecting yourself speeds up premature skin aging and promotes the appearance of brown spots and other skin imperfections.

The springtime sun is just as dangerous as the summer version, and even more so, because our skin is not ready for it, so now is the time to act!

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