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What Kind of Sunscreen Should You Use for Sports in the Summer?

What Kind of Sunscreen Should You Use for Sports in the Summer?

The first rays of sunshine are hitting the ground and plans for surfing, hiking, or volleyball games on the beach are filling up your calendars. It's so good but... You must remember to stay well covered to avoid unpleasant surprises. Let's look things over.

However good you are at your sport of choice, an everyday practitioner or weekend warrior, the golden rule is very simple: protect your skin from the worst of the sun's rays. This is especially true in an environment like the ocean, where reverberations increase UV light by 30%. Even those of you that are simply fans of a great tan should be aware. It's not because you choose to use protective sunscreen that you will not get a beautiful tan, quite the contrary. With Laboratoires de Biarritz Sport, everyone can find what they need.

Resistant and Environmentally Safe Formulas.

Sports sometimes involve being in the water, but almost always involve sweating.

To provide optimal protection, Laboratoires de Biarritz suncare products are highly sweat-resistant, so that the formula remains effective and does not get in your eyes.

No more excuses for missing that early morning run! What is more, our sport sunscreens are made with Organic formulas that are ocean-friendly, without giving up our demanding requirements for protection.

Formulated without any silicone or controversial chemicals, they are rich in natural mineral filters that guarantee high to very high UVA/UVB protection. SPF30, SPF50, or SPF50+… Nothing is left to chance when it comes to helping our athletes.

An Optimal Feel

Doing everything it takes to shield your skin is great. But it is even better when doing it feels so good. The products are designed to be easy to apply, non-greasy, moisturizing, and have no whitening effect. The skin is shielded from sunburn, but also from drying out. The addition of Alga-Gorria®, our exclusive antioxidant made from red seaweed, makes them ideal to defend against free radicals and premature skin aging. Of course, for optimal protection do not forget to apply your favorite products every two hours.

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Easy to Carry & Use Format

Fluid lotions for the face and body, sticks or balms for the lips, Laboratoires de Biarritz sunscreens fit the bill when it comes to practicality and ergonomics.

Our SPF30 and 50 lotions come in small format, plant-based plastic tubes with flip-top caps to make them easy to use.

Our sunscreen sticks are for the most fragile areas. They are small, easy to slip in your pocket, and their colorful effect is a good visual cue of their staying power.

Our SPF30 Lip Balm was designed in collaboration with pro surfers to guarantee staying power and resistance to the waves, wind, and salt.

A Well Deserved Reward After a Long Day!

Our After-Sun Fluid is made with 99.5% natural-origin ingredients to regenerate and soothe the skin after exposure. Just what you need for a