What is the expiration date of organic cosmetic products?

Expiration dates are not printed on most cosmetic products. Cosmetic regulations stipulate that expiration dates are not obligatory for products that are stable for 30 months and over, and only the EAO (Expiration After Opening) should be clearly stated.

On the other hand, for products that do NOT last longer than 30 months, an expiration date is obligatory.

Our products do not have any particular constraints as determined by various analysis and are stable for at least 30 months after production.

For example, to find out ALGA MARIS® sun care production date, you must look at the batch number : the first two numbers will correspond with the year, for example 19 for 2019. Next, you will see a letter that corresponds with the month in alphabetical order: A for January, B for Febuary,… L for December. The last number corresponds with a time of day.

Once the product has been opened, refer to the little symbol that looks like a plastic jar on the packaging (ex: 8M means that it should be used in the 8 months following opening).