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I Have A Newborn Baby, What Should I Do to Take Care of its Skin?

I Have A Newborn Baby, What Should I Do to Take Care of its Skin?

After being sheltered and well-protected for nine months, a newborn baby finds itself completely vulnerable at birth, and its skin as well. Still immature, it is very fragile and permeable. Careful attention must be paid to the composition of and choice of skincare products to be used. Here is our advice!

We all have a skin barrier at the surface of our epidermis, notably consisting of a hydrolipidic layer.

It is made to protect us against external stress such as cold temperatures, pathogenic germs, or the rubbing of clothing, among others. But at birth, this superficial layer is not completely consolidated and can be very easily damaged, making their skin more sensitive.

That is why it is important to choose the right skincare products with the safest formulation possible. At Laboratoires de Biarritz, we make sure that all of our products are as good for the skin as they are for the environment. However, when it comes to newborn infants, we make these requirements even stronger.

Cleansing Skincare

Our range of products for babies focuses on gentleness, minimalistic formulas, naturalness, no fragrances, and alcohol-free so that they are safer and very well tolerated by the skin.

Nothing works quite like our Organic Face & Body Cleansing Water and our Organic Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel to bathe your baby and keep its epidermis safe.

The first, made with 100% natural-origin ingredients, is as refreshing as it is moisturizing and soothing, thanks to Alga-Paisium our anti-irritation ingredient. It is perfect between baths.

The latter cleanses, soothes, and protects the epidermis from drying.

It does not burn the eyes, and its light scent brought about by coconut oil makes bathing even more enjoyable. As for our Organic Face & Body Moisturizing Cream, it strengthens the skin barrier and its fluid texture is great for massages.

Just right for a moment of care and closeness with your infant after bathing.

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Products for Diaper Changing

The diaper area of babies is subject to many types of irritation caused by external stress such as the rubbing of diapers, urine, humidity, heat, etc.

The traditional Organic Oleo-Calcareous Liniment, made with equal parts olive oil and limewater, cleanses and soothes while preventing irritation in the diaper area.

It can be used preventively, or when the first signs of reddening appear to create a protective layer and insulate the skin against strain.

Our Organic Diaper Change Cream protects, repairs, and soothes the diaper area thanks to its insulating, sanitizing, and reparative properties.

It should be applied during each diaper change to prevent any little discomfort.


Reparative Skincare

We can be as safe as possible to prevent reddening and little bumps, but sometimes they are inevitable. If this is the case, the good news is that there are skincare products to fix this that are safe.

Discover our reparative products trich in Alga-Sendatu, our innovative exclusive ingredient that repairs irritated or damaged skin and restores the skin barrier.

The Reparative Lotion and Creams help to deal with all minor skin ailments such as irritation, redness, rashes, chapping, etc.

The Cream penetrates quickly thanks to its very soft and light texture. The Lotion will sanitize the area without stinging. It is perfect for making little pimples or irritation in skin folds disappear. What can it also be used for? Umbilical cord care for example. Just the little things to accompany both the baby and the parents during your first days together!

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