Baby Care

Naturality, Safety, and High Tolerance from birth.

Building on our know-how in formulating high-tolerance skincare, Laboratoires de Biarritz presents, a range of highly gentle baby skincare products for total safety from birth. Swathe in a gentle cloud.

Baby Care

1 Simple & Natural

Very delicate, the epidermis of a baby must be nurtured and protected with the help of specialized skin care products.

Containing just a few products with simple, yet precise formulas provides baby basics :

  • Basics : only the products that are truly useful day-to-day. Products suited for all babies for easy to use, trustworthy, everyday care.

  • Basics : formulas are refined and minimalistic. The fewer ingredients there are, the safer the product. In this way, skincare products only contain the bare necessities: the ingredients that provide the specific effects of each product (soothing, nourishing, or moisturizing ingredients) and those that provide their exceptionally gentle feel.
Simple & Natural

2 High tolerance and security

The choices made by Research in elaborating the formulas were made to ensure high skin tolerance and safety.

  • Our skincare is certified Organic and contain up to 100% natural origin ingredients
  • They contain an exclusive ingredient made from Brown Seaweed: Alga-Paisium soothes the fragile skin of the infant and prevents skin irritation.
  • They are hypoallergenic², without added fragrances and alcohol-free  
  • Our skincare is tested under dermatological, ophthalmologist and pediatric supervision.
High tolerance and security

3 Plant-Based Plastic Packaging

In line with our endeavors for a healthy planet, the containers and tubes used for products are 100% plant-based plastic. This recyclable material

is made from Sugar Cane, a perfectly renewable resource.

As a renewable resource, Sugar Cane absorbs enough CO2 during its growth to completely offset the CO2 emissions of its manufacturing process.

¹ Except for premature babies.

² Formulated to minimize risk of allergies

Plant-Based Plastic Packaging