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Moisturizing Your Face: 4 Tips for Beautiful Skin

Moisturizing Your Face: 4 Tips for Beautiful Skin

Whether your skin is normal, dry, or oily, it can look luminous and resplendent if you have your moisturizing routine right. Let's look into the correct methods to use to do it well.

The skin of the face is by far the most exposed to external stress. Pollution, sunlight, blue light, stress… Many different elements can make it sensitive, dry out, and fade. Even combination to oily skin types need optimal moisturizing. Even if they are not lacking oils and nutrition, they still inevitably need water to stay firm, supple, and looking good. Well-moisturized skin means a resistant protective barrier, capable of defending itself, renewing itself correctly, and facing swings in temperature for example. The new HYDRA-PROTECT + range of products from Laboratoires de Biarritz provides a reserve of water and shield of ingredients essential for beautiful skin. Organic hyaluronic acid from fermentation limits water loss and replenishes the epidermis, and a patented red seaweed extract associated with Extremolite, powerful against pollution and blue light, protects +cells from the adverse effects of free radicals.

Take Care of Your Look

The area around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate. It requires attention and care if you do not want it to wrinkle too soon and to prevent “crow’s feet”. Our Revitalizing Eye Contour comes with a light gel-cream texture and without added fragrances.  It protects and hydrates, all while preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The correct method: a few droplets are enough to care for the area around the eye as it will rise through capillarity. You just have to lightly tap on the skin to restart micro-circulation, without smoothing with the fingers to avoid causing further wrinkling. Do this in the morning and the evening.


Keep Your Epidermis Hydrated

Using a cream daily is good. Adding a serum to your skincare routine is even better. Indeed, the more fluid texture of a serum lets it penetrate deeper into the epidermis to hydrate it and fill it back up from the inside. Concentrated in active ingredients, it is also an excellent way to prepare the skin for the ingredients in the product to be applied following. Our Replenishing Serum has a second-skin effect that is imperceptible on application. Its formula is perfect to protect, moisturize, and provides a non-negligible lifting effect for an instantaneous freshening-up effect.

The correct method: put a little into your palm, warm it up by rubbing between your hands delicately, and then gently place your hands flat on your face.  Do not rub your hands on your face, rather, lightly bounce them to make the product penetrate.

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Choose the Right Texture for Your Day Cream.

Adjusting the texture of your daily moisturizer to your skin type and/or your lifestyle is an important step.

Among our HYDRA-PROTECT + products, you will find a Moisturizing Fluid and Moisturizing Cream.

The first has a lighter texture for normal to combination skin, making it feel more supple and preventing signs of aging. The second is a bit richer to soothe and moisturize drier skin, for 24 hours.

The correct method: whether you choose a fluid or a cream, the method is the same.

The top priority: go easy on it! The ideal is to apply your product without hurrying, from the inner part to the outer parts of your face and always from the top down for a replenishing, lifting, and brightening effect.

The epidermis is preserved and the appearance of wrinkles is postponed in this way.

Take Your Night Seriously

Night skincare must not be forgotten because it is during this time that our bodies regenerate and our cells are renewed.

Applying a Night Cream is to help your skin stay moisturized, to recuperate from the turmoils of the day.

Appropriately, our Regenerative Night Cream activates cellular renewal, with a soft, enveloping, cocoon feel.  In the morning, the skin is tired no more and its tone is luminous and uniform.

The correct method: after removing impurities accumulated during the day, having removed make-up and gently cleansed, gently apply your Night Cream in the same way you apply your Day Cream.

You can insist a little by massaging your face, dedicating some time just for yourself that will have the bonus effect of restarting micro-circulation and eliminating toxins.

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