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How Do You Heal Your Skin After an Operation?

How Do You Heal Your Skin After an Operation?

The skin is an organ essential to our bodies' survival, providing protection from the outside world. However, its integrity can get compromised during our lives in many possible manners (burns, cuts, tearing...). In this way, the process of healing or scarring occurs to replace lost tissue, enabling damaged skin to bounce back to its original aspect and continue its protective role.
To help the skin healing process, it is important to assist epidermal regeneration and soothe the wounded area. Read more to discover how our Reparative Care products were designed specifically with this in mind!

Unique Reparative Care Products

Our Reparative Care products are unique since they are certified Organic products with over 99.6% natural-origin ingredients AND include an innovative and exclusive active ingredient: Alga Sendatu®. Thanks to their ultra-complete formulas, your skin will experience optimal healing and reconstruction!

Alga Sendatu®, a reparative ingredient developed by our research team, is made from a species of red algae characteristic of the Basque Coast, Gelidium sesquipedale. This patented extract stimulates the cellular regeneration of keratinocytes, enabling restructuring of the outermost layers of the epidermis and re-establishment of its role as a functional barrier.

The Reparative Care products relieve all skin irritation and help repair larger ailments. Irritated skin is sensitive and prone to reaction. To care for it, the products in the range are hypoallergenic1, do not have added fragrances, are alcohol-free, and were tested under dermatological supervision.

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Two Reparative Care Products for Two Distinct Uses

  • The Reparative Lotion dries, repairs, and sanitizes the irritated epidermis in wet areas (areas subject to maceration…). It is specifically designed for use when the irritated epidermis requires drying action: moist areas, skin folds, for the care of the umbilical cord, etc.
  • The Reparative Cream soothes and restores irritated, damaged, or reactive skin for the whole family. It is indicated for the treatment of minor skin conditions: irritation, redness, and superficial burns – but also to improve the reconstruction of epidermal tissue after incisions due to surgical procedures or a wound.

Recommendations for Improved Skin Healing

Using our Reparative Cream can be beneficial, notably after minor surgical interventions. So, for optimal healing over… follow this advice!

    • Gently massage the scar with the Reparative Cream. Your skin will be more supple and you will feel less pain and discomfort.
    • Remember to protect the scar year-round as well! It is absolutely essential to shield your scar from the sun and UV rays (for one year on average). If it gets exposed to the rays of the sun, pigmentation can occur and leave an unsightly mark on the skin. To prevent this from happening, you need to use sunscreen with very high protection factors (SPF50+). So pick our Tinted Sunscreen Stick, which will effectively both camouflage and protect any of your scars. It is easy to take with you anywhere you go!
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