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For Schoolyard Owies, Discover Our Reparative Care

For Schoolyard Owies, Discover Our Reparative Care

Once the school year has started, owie season makes its triumphant return. Scratches, reddening, skin irritation, rubbing... these annoyances can tarnish the shine of the new school year. Our Reparative Care will help you respond to these minor inconveniences.

Here are the cuts and scrapes caused by the return to school and playing in the schoolyard. Kids can also easily fall and get scrapes while doing sports or cut themselves during hands-on activities. All these minor injuries that can also occur when you are cooking or doing household projects can be cared for with our Reparative Cream and Lotions.

Our Skin, Our Protection

The epidermis is our first line of defense against the outside world. It is a natural barrier that counters environmental insult and dehydration. However, it is fragile and even more so in children and infants. A variety of external and internal factors can alter its structure:

  • Alteration by rubbing, repetitive washing, use of inappropriate cosmetics, or exposure to cold temperatures… All minor occurrences, although when they are repeated can end up damaging the epidermis. It will then be unable to effectively block the penetration of allergens or bacteria that cause immune reactions. Then inflammation, a source of discomfort, sets in. These alterations frequently occur alongside the drying of the skin.

  • Alteration through Intrusion In this case, the skin is injured. The alteration is more or less deep: either limited to the epidermis or reaching down to the dermis. The healing process of scarring then begins. This is what happens during minor dermatological procedures, plastic surgery, or after a cut or superficial burn.

  • Alterations linked to certain dermatological ailments with an inflammatory component. A chronically altered skin barrier requires regeneration to avoid perpetuating inflammation.

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Products that Repair, Moisturize Your Skin, And Soothe

Each of these alterations makes the epidermal barrier less capable of fulfilling its missions, notably that of protection, and we become vulnerable. An effective repair process of the skin barrier must be put in place to restore comfort of course, but more so that it can play its protective role once again. According to the gravity of the injury, the dermis is first reconstructed, followed by the epidermis, or just the epidermis heals.

Product Designed to Repair

All the formulas of our Reparative Care, without added fragrances and hypoallergenic, contain Alga Sendatu®, a natural-origin patented reparative ingredient (from red algae from the Basque Coast) that enhances the reconstruction of the superficial layers of the skin.

For redness, skin irritation, cuts, or scars, the 5 skincare products in our Reparative Care line help fast and good-looking healing of the skin.

Made for everyone in the family (infants, kids, adults) and applicable on the skin and external mucous membranes, the certified Organic Reparative Cream takes care of minor irritations in dry areas whereas the certified Organic Reparative Lotion dries, repairs, and sanitizes irritated epidermis in moist areas, the zones that are subject to maceration.

There are also products for specific areas on offer, such as the Hand Cream, for adults, which enables instant relief of sensitive hands thanks to its rich and insulating formula. The Lip Balm is usable for ages 3 and up for dry, chapped, irritated, or cracked lips.  After getting a tattoo, we recommend the Reparative Tattoo Aftercare Cream which repairs, moisturizes, and soothes the tattooed area.

Two newcomers complete our Reparative Care range, the Stretch Mark Cream designed to prevent stretch marks from appearing but also help them go away, and the Nursing Balm so that breastfeeding remains a pleasurable experience! 

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