Face skin care for men, easy steps that make a difference

Face skin care for men, easy steps that make a difference

Guys, this article is for you! Whether you have a daily skincare routine or this is all new, here we explain why it is important to take care of your skin and how.

Application de crème visage homme

The Particularities of Men’s Skin

Whatever your gender, the skin needs to be taken care of if you want to look good as you age – and from day to day. However, there are significant differences between male and female skin, which thus require suitable and targeted skincare.

You might think that as a part of the same species, the physical characteristics of each individual are the same and that gender does not matter. Nope! Besides different body types, men and women differ in many other aspects – the skin is no exception! You should know that male skin is, on average, 20% thicker than female skin and that it produces more collagen, making it firmer. Men also have more sebaceous glands. Their sebum production is twice that of women, making the skin oilier and shinier, thus more prone to impurities and acne. Luckily for you, the combination of these different characteristics slows skin aging. However, once you get wrinkles, they grow faster and get deeper. So, male skin has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus it is more than a simple recommendation to take good of it!

The Right Products

To look healthy all year long and to avoid skin-related problems, you need to start a suitable skincare routine.

As men’s pores are more numerous and more dilated, start your day by washing your skin with a revitalizing and moisturizing product like our Océane Face & Body Shower Gel or our Face, Eyes, and Lips Micellar Water, which cleanses but does not disturb the equilibrium of your skin, and has a refreshing effect.

Next, apply our light-texture HYDRA-PROTECT+ products for normal to mixed skin types. Developed by Laboratoires de Biarritz, this skincare product range’s mission is to provide your skin wide-ranging protection against pollution, free radicals, and external stress; as well as an exceptional moisturizing effect: refilling the skin’s water reserves, reducing water loss by evaporation, and optimizing water circulation.

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Contour des yeux des Laboratoires de Biarritz

For a lifting and smoothing effect, use our Replenishing Serum, which boosts the effectiveness of products applied afterwards and provides concentrated hydration. Following it, use our Face Moisturizing Fluid which strengthens your acid mantle for an all-day moisturizing effect. Finally, for a fresh and lively look, apply our Revitalizing Eye Contour that smooths and reinvigorates the fragile skin around the eye to lessen dark lines, sagging, and fine lines.

All day long, your skin accumulates dust & pollution and builds up an excess of sebum. That is why when you get home in the evening, do not hesitate to wash your face once again. The night is the best time to use products that work deep down. So apply our Regenerative Night Cream: it activates nocturnal skin physiological processes by optimizing cellular renewal, stimulating natural defense systems, and reducing reactivity so you wake up looking better than ever.

And finally, besides drinking water regularly, do not forget to put on the right sunscreen if you are doing things outside!

Now you have all the information you need for year-round luminous, well-moisturized, and healthy-looking skin!