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Cold Temperatures, Wet Weather… How Do You Take Care of Your Skin in Fall?

Cold Temperatures, Wet Weather… How Do You Take Care of Your Skin in Fall?

Unfortunately, here we are... The rays of the summer sun have been replaced by the dreariness and cold of the autumn. These changes in the weather can affect your skin. During this time of the year, it is more than necessary to have the right reflexes to keep it protected, and moisturization is always the name of the game. Here is some advice to head into the end of the year with the mind at ease!

Before Using Skincare, Get the Skin Ready Right

Before applying any Face skincare, cleansing the skin and removing make-up is essential to eliminate any impurities accumulated during the day: sebum, pollution, dust, and sweat. Our Make-Up Removal Cleansing Care, with various textures to suit all skin types, purifies, moisturizes, and relieves, providing true care for the skin. You can choose between our Micellar Water, our Cleansing Milk suitable for dry skin types, or our Cleansing Oil which is perfect for getting rid of waterproof make-up. This first cleansing will renew the skin!

After this essential first step, we recommend applying a HYDRA-PROTECT + Replenishing Serum, which helps stimulate and reinvigorate cellular mechanisms. The marine-origin ingredients in our Serum boost hydration and the effect of the other HYDRA-PROTECT + skincare applied afterward.

Femme qui se nettoie le visage
application d'un crème visage

Skincare for Every Change in the Weather

In the fall, the weather can change terribly, going from dry and clear skies to wet and warm very quickly. These changes in the weather have a very negative impact on our skin, which has a hard time adapting naturally. Supporting it during these changes becomes a necessity!

If your skin tends to be dry or it is cold and dry out, we recommend using our HYDRA-PROTECT + Face Moisturizing Cream, that will provide an intense moisturizing effect and optimal comfort for your skin thanks to its rich and creamy texture and marine-origin ingredients. The HYDRA-PROTECT + Moisturizing Fluid should be preferred if your skin tends to be oily, or if it is normal or combination-type in warmer weather.

Do not forget, well-moisturized skin makes make-up easier to apply and stay on better!

Moisturize Your Body

An essential part of your skincare routine, the Certified Organic Nourishing Body Cream provides the skin’s essential, daily needs: intense 24-hour hydration, nutrition, protection from drying and daily strain, and prevention of premature aging. With its high-performance formula combining Alga-Gorria®, a patented extract with antioxidant power, with active ingredients known for their effectiveness, for moisturized, strengthened, and protected skin, day after day, our HYDRA-PROTECT + Nourishing Body Cream should be applied after showering on dry or wet skin. Help it soak in by lightly massaging it over the whole body, your skin will thank you.

application de crème hydratante sur les jambes
Baume à lèvre des Laboratoires de Biarritz

Protect Your Hands, Nourish Your Lips

Affected every day by external factors, our lips become fragile and require targeted protection. Before applying lipstick, soothing, protecting, and restoring damaged lips is recommended. Our Reparative Lip Balm, enriched with an omega 3, 6, and 9 vegetal complex, coupled with castor oil and our Alga Sendatu® reparative ingredient, regenerates and protects chapped lips. But be careful to not forget your hands, with their overexposed epidermis which deserves targeted care like our comfortable feeling, non-greasy, non-sticky Protective Hand Cream.

The Night, the Time Your Skin Regenerates the Most

At night, cells regenerate while we sleep and the epidermis is renewed.. After having cleansed your skin of make-up and pollution once again, do not hesitate to give it some pampering and cocooning care.

The rich and creamy HYDRA-PROTECT + Regenerative Night Cream envelops the skin with a moisturizing cocoon for 24h, preventing aging, and activating its natural nocturnal physiology. Its high-performance formula combines Alga-Gorria®, a patented antioxidant extract, and ingredients that accelerate cellular renewal, stimulate defense mechanisms and reduce skin reactivity. When you wake up, the skin looks refreshed and smoothed out, as if it were regenerated.

application de crème dans une salle de bain

There, now you are ready for the seasons to change. Pamper your skin as much as possible during this time.

1 In vitro and in vivo testing on ingredients
2 Repairs the superficial layers of the epidermis