An Autumn Evening Agenda

An Autumn Evening Agenda

After a long day, you get home to the warmth of your little cocoon and it feels so much nicer as fall is in the air. The warmth contrasts against the temperatures outdoors which fall a little lower every day.
Outside, the wind makes the leaves twirl their autumn colors and makes the sand of the dunes dance, the sun hunkers down and plays hide-and-seek with a multitude of clouds.
The evening is a time to unwind.
It is when you should take care of yourself by the fireside, on the couch with a book, or under a thick blanket in front of a good movie, after a comforting shower and having taken a little time for yourself to relax your body and face.
Discover our ingredients for a perfect evening's cocooning.

saut de chataignes

Step 1

You just got home, pockets full of chestnuts and mushrooms in your basket. The sweet scents of the forest! In your fridge, you pick up the leeks that were starting to get soft (or any other vegetable). The perfect ingredients for a feel-good autumn soup. The first thing to do is boil the chestnuts in salt water (with a bay leaf if possible) for 45 minutes. After having diced two onions, your mushrooms (500g), and two leeks, reserve in a stewpot or large pot with a large slice of butter. And now, time to head to the bathroom!

Step 2

The soup is cooking, You jump into the shower with our Océane Face & Body Shower Gel, very gentle, with no soap or sulfates, with revitalizing rock samphire and invigorating Alaria esculenta, a species of ocean kelp. Since this evening is dedicated to well-being, take five more minutes to exfoliate your body with our Océane Scrub with volcanic perlite and its natural exfoliating properties, to gently refine the grain of your skin. For your face, use our Radiance Scrub with Sugar Kelp extract, an ingredient that soothes and brings out the natural spark of your face by stimulating microcirculation.

gel douche et gommage Laboratoires de Biarritz
Monoï coco Laboratoires de Biarritz

Step 3

After showering, apply our Face Rehydrating Mask for 10 minutes with its creamy texture that repairs, relieves, and sooths the skin, preventing its dehydration. And not to neglect an inch of your body, apply our Océane Face, Body, and Hair Dry Oil with revitalizing rock samphire, and Alaria esculenta, which invigorates, over your whole body and the tips of your hair or, if you still reminisce about the summer, one of Tiaré or Coconut Monoi Oils. And now, wrap yourself up in a robe or a cozy outfit and feel fresh and smooth.

Step 4

It is night outside and the wind is blowing. The chestnuts are done, sit next to the fire, or put on a good show to watch while peeling them after browning the onions and the mushrooms in the butter and adding 1L of bouillon. The smell of the vegetables awakens your taste buds. You add the peeled chestnuts and boil everything for 15 minutes. Take off the flame and mix. Your soup is ready and it is time to cuddle up on the sofa in front of a good movie, your steaming bowl of soup with a tea or glass of water with a lemon slice on the coffee table.

Our feel-good movie suggestions for the autumn: Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Mona Lisa Smile, or The Age of Adaline.

recette de soupe automnale
femme qui s'applique de la crème sur le visage

Step 5

Bedtime! But before going to sleep, you apply your night beauty routine with our HYDRA-PROTECT + skincare with the marine-origin antioxidant Alga-Gorria® then pull up the covers with a relaxing sleepy time lemon balm tea and get your dreams ready by reading a few chapters of “Salt On Your Tongue” by Charlotte Runcie or “Wild by Nature” by Sarah Marquis.