Essential beauty care for winter sports

Essential beauty care for winter sports

Your holidays are coming in quickly and you are getting your suitcase ready, remembering good times and excited for more! The white summits, the gleaming snow, the laughter of children playing in the pines, and the warm smells of raclette around the fireplace beckon. How nice to spend a few days in the mountains, far away from the day-to-day humdrum, in that magnificent winter scenery!
But in between your ski gear, thick socks, and warm scarves, do not forget your skincare kit! You will get the most out of the slopes and vista bars with skincare for the whole family that is environmentally-friendly!

Gamme Sport des Laboratoires de Biarritz

Stay Safe from the Sun

In the mountains, the whiteness of the snow causes high reflectance of UVs (up to 80%). At the same time, the higher the altitude, the less atmosphere there is to absorb UV rays. For every 1000m of altitude, the intensity of UV light increases by almost 10%. These two factors make the wintry mountains a place where you absolutely must protect yourself from the sun. To help you out, Laboratoires de Biarritz has developed a range of SPORT Suncare: technical, practical, and skin- and environmentally-friendly products.

You understand, Sunscreen is essential for winter sports. Our SPORT suncare range comes with high and very high protection against UVA/UVB (SPF30, SPF50, and SPF50+). The products are sweat-resistant, easy-to-use & travel-ready thanks to compact formats. Above all, they protect the skin with ocean- and environmentally-friendly formulas (no silicones or other synthetic petrochemical products, biodegradable, with tests to prove the absence of ecotoxicology effects in the water because, do not forget, the way to the ocean starts at the mountains).

For Face & Body protection, our 100% natural-origin Sunscreen Lotion, with antioxidant Alga-Gorria® and anti-UVA/UVB mineral screens, will provide high protection (SPF30 or SPF50) with its fluid texture that makes application easy.

Alongside it, use our colored, hypoallergenic SPF50+ Sunscreen Sticks to protect the most vulnerable areas like the nose, the ears, and the cheekbones. Their formulas contain moisturizing and nourishing Organic jojoba oil, protective & film-forming shea butter and beeswax, as well our patented antioxidant extract from red algae, Alga-Gorria®. For use from ages 3 and up, our Sunscreen Sticks, with 100% natural-origin ingredients, are available in white, blue, and purple thanks to high-purity mineral pigments. Something to make everyone from big to small happy and be sure that sensitive areas are well-protected all day long.

femme qui s'applique du stick solaire coloré sur les joues
Femme qui s'applique du baume sur les lèvres

While we are at it, create good habits for your little munchkins thanks to our Baby & Child SPF50+ hypoallergenic Sun Cream, suitable for ages 6 months and up. Made with anti-UVA/UVB titanium dioxide, antioxidant Alga-Gorria®, moisturizing Organic glycerin, nourishing Organic shea butter, and protective Organic coconut oil, our SPF50+ Baby & Child Sun Cream is easy to apply and soft to the touch to the joy of all.

For yourself or the people in your entourage that often get sunburnt lips, our SPF30 Lip Balm, which is hypoallergenic and of 100% natural origin, prevents the drying of the lips while protecting them from the adverse effects of the sun. It can be used from the age of 3 and up.

To regenerate and soothe your skin following sun exposure, wash your face with clear water or a make-up remover and apply our After-Sun Fluid with soothing Organic alpha-bisabolol and Organic Aloe Vera, moisturizing Organic glycerin, and a savvy nourishing complex with Organic shea butter and essential fatty acids (omega-3 and -6) for maximum comfort and suppleness. For the well-being of everyone in the family, our After-Sun Fluid is suitable for ages 1 and up!

Protect Yourself From the Cold

You have seen that protecting yourself from the sun’s rays during winter sports is absolutely vital. But that is not the only external factor that weakens your skin! The cold temperatures also impact your skin, which requires daily care with moisturizing, protective, and nourishing products. Depending on your skin type and its capacity to tolerate cold temperatures, you can either stick with your normal beauty routine thanks to our HYDRA-PROTECT + products or go for our Reparative Care in case of any dryness, chapping, or sensitivity, to promote fast and effective healing.

Crème Réparatrice des Laboratoires de Biarritz

Now you are ready to zip up your suitcase with all the skincare you need for skin well-protected from the sun and the cold, products that are for the whole family, and respect the environment to boot!

The whole team at Laboratoires de Biarritz wishes you a happy winter break!