3 Good Reasons to Use Organic Cosmetics

3 Good Reasons to Use Organic Cosmetics

For you, we have figured out the best reasons to use Organic cosmetics products for life. It's no joke, the different Organic labels are truly a guarantee of quality for cosmetics.

Reason N°1: You Cannot Get More Natural

In classic, “conventional” cosmetics, a high percentage of the formula can be made up of synthetic derivatives of petrochemicals, included for effect on the fragrance, texture, color, and more.

Organic cosmetics are healthier. The principal is to prefer natural-origin ingredients that respect the health of the skin by definition. Certifications and labels have been developed to regulate them and to ensure that they meet specific standards.

In this way, Organic cosmetics under the COSMEBIO label meet the following criteria:

  • At least 95% natural-origin ingredients out of the total product,
  • At least 95% Organic ingredients out of all plant-based ingredients,
  • At least 10% ingredients from Organic farming practices out of the total in the product, and 20% for products on the market since January 1, 2017 (10% for rinse-off products),
  • 0% “risky” petrochemical-origin ingredients (parabens, silicones, phenoxyethanol, etc).
  • No GMOs


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Credit : Irving Pompeui

What we at Laboratoires de Biarritz offer in our Organic skincare products:

  • More than 99,5% natural-origin ingredients,
  • Up to 97.5% of the product is from Organic farming,
  • From research to bottling, 100% Made in France skincare products.

This enables all skin types, even the most sensitive, to find the right formulas with optimal skin tolerance and that respect their natural equilibrium.

Reason N°2: Organic Cosmetics Are Safe for the Environment

Organic cosmetics guarantee that the vast majority of ingredients are biodegradable, clean manufacturing processes are used, no polluting solvents in production, and recyclable packaging. Ecocert is a certification body that ensures that packaging is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Indeed, being safe for your skin also means being safe for the environment. At Laboratoires de Biarritz, we always make the choices that have the smallest possible environmental footprint concerning the constraints of manufacturing and distribution: using recycled plastic, plant-based plastic, glass, green inks, etc. And our R&D is on a constant search to improve our environmental impact and adapt to the constant progress in our field.

Credit : Thomas Lodin

Reason N°3: Organic Skincare Works

The natural world, at the heart of Organic cosmetics, produces molecules with incredible properties that require savvy revealing and technique to reach their full potential in innovative, technical, and safe formulas. This is what our R&D strives towards every day, and how we discovered several exclusive ingredients protected by patent.

The effectiveness of the formulas built around these ingredients is then scientifically proven through study.

Organic cosmetics go through all the same testing as conventional cosmetics. The requirements to prove efficacy are identical. All the claims are thus proven by clinical trials, carried out under dermatological supervision.

Laboratoires de Biarritz dermo-cosmetic skincare is well-recognized and recommended by diverse healthcare professionals (dermatologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, plastic surgeons, maternity specialists…)


Let’s compare the effectiveness of some Organic ingredients and some non-Organic ingredients. For example, conventional cosmetics often contain esterified oils, that is to say, synthetic oils. The simple reason is that they cost less and keep better. However, they have no positive effects on the skin! In Organic cosmetics, only natural oils are used in the products. They provide nourishing, moisturizing, protective effects, and are sometimes naturally fragrant like Coconut oil.