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New Tinted Sunscreen Joins Our ALGA MARIS ® Sunscreens

New Tinted Sunscreen Joins Our ALGA MARIS ® Sunscreens

Ask and you shall receive. A sunscreen you can use year-round that provides a healthy look while protecting you from the dangers of the sun! It is finally here, we designed and formulated it using the same natural ingredients as those in our ALGA MARIS ® line.

The unique association of our powerful antioxidant from red algae, 100% mineral screens and organic Aloe Vera (find the complete list here) is certified by Ecocert and Cosmébio.

What sets it apart?

  • High Protection against UVA/UVB (Broad Spectrum)
  • A silky and non greasy feel, easy to apply
  • Moisturizing sensation
  • A Golden Tint (blends smoothly with your skin tone)
  • Natural fragrance
  • Water resistant

How should it be applied?

This sunscreen is for all skin types. It can also be used as a crème de jour (day cream) and is adapted to provide protection for the face before any sun exposure.

When should it applied?

ALGA MARIS ® protective tinted sunscreen will provide a tanned appearance all year long. In the city, at the beach or whenever you are outdoors.

A «blurring» effect: you notice this in your foundation, BB creams, and other make up products? It blends out imperfections and evens skin tone. Our tinted cream will give you this harmonized look, but also broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, whatever the season. We can guarantee that you will find putting it on enjoyable and easy.

Available now in our online boutique for 19.90 euros, you will soon be able to find it wherever ALGA MARIS ® products are sold.