Why Does the Skin Dry Out in the Winter?

Why Does the Skin Dry Out in the Winter?

In the winter, you might have noticed, your skin is much more susceptible to dry out. Tingling, chapped lips or redness are a daily occurrence for many of us.  Why and how should you solve this problem? We will tell you all about it.

Why does the skin dry out more during the winter?

We are not all equal when it comes to the risks of skin dehydration. However, even if we all have a different constitution, with the winter comes a few factors that worsen the drying of the skin:

  • Low air humidity, due to the dry and cold weather and residential heating. The more the air surrounding us is dry, the more it absorbs the humidity of the skin, which ends up thinning and getting fragile.
  • Excessive wind and sometimes sun exposure that happens during winter sports that enhance drying.
  • The clothes we wear can also have an impact: material like wool or synthetic tissues are well-known to be more irritating.

Beware of Too-hot Showers! The tendency in the winter to overheat water and stay longer irritates the skin… The ideal temperature is that of the body itself, 37°C.

How to prevent skin dehydration?

Fortunately, there are skincare products made to assist the skin in its protective roles on a daily basis. During cold and dry weather, we recommend using a rich moisturizing cream that will help your skin stay fully moisturized, soothed and balanced. For the lips, often the first hit in the winter, choose a revitalizing and regenerating balm.