How to Protect your Lips in the Winter

How to Protect your Lips in the Winter

Everyone would love to always have soft and supple lips, but during the winter... things can get a bit tricky! Why do our lips get chapped? How do you protect them?  We will give you the answers to keep your lips perfect even in the bitter cold. ❄

The Lips: the Most Fragile Part of the Face

Like the hands, the lips are subject to compounded external stress, exacerbated during the winter:

  1. They are the most sensitive area of the face. The skin of the lips is indeed extremely thin, fragile and does not have sebaceous or sweat glands. Without a protective film, they are put to severe test by daily external stress.
  2. Cold, wind, artificial heating, during the winter the lips bear with many irritating factors. As a result, they dry out. When combined with enhanced dehydration caused by the acidity of saliva and food, the lips end up tingling, chapping and cracking.

The Solution: Lip Balm!

Practical and effective, lip balms help moisturize and regenerate damaged lips. There are types for every use: from balms that mainly relieve to those that are made to protect in situations that make the lips dry out like winter sports. Apply several times a day, especially before going out and when going to bed. If you already have chapped lips, avoid wetting them, it makes it worse!

You can also try scrubbing every once in a while in order to remove dead cells. To do so, dip a soft-bristled toothbrush in hot water and delicately scrub your lips in tight circular movements.

By taking these precautions, your lips are sure to stay beautiful and intact all winter long!