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The Solution for Every Little Hurt

The Solution for Every Little Hurt

In life, there are no problems, only solutions. The same is true for your skin. Burns, acne marks, scars, tattoos, itchiness, irritation... Let's look things over.

Minor Mishaps That Hurt

Sometimes the skin needs relief, especially when it gets red, damaged, injured, or very dry. Tingling, stinging, or burning sensations can happen without warning and it is essential to moisturize, nourish, and soothe it. By restoring the protective skin barrier that protects us, the skin becomes less permeable and thus less susceptible to insult. For the first thing to do, moisturizing, nothing is as good as hyaluronic acid and Aloe vera.

For the second, we rely on comforting ingredients that act in perfect harmony with the hydrolipidic layer like Shea Butter or Jojoba oil. Last but not least, alpha-bisabolol is the ultimate soothing ingredient.

Even if these steps are important to get the skin to look normal, optimal repair of the skin is obtained with a targeted reparative ingredient, like Alga Sendatu®, made out of a Red Seaweed specific to the Basque coast. Our reparative products repair and soothe any skin irritation thanks to their hypoallergenic formulas, free from alcohol and added fragrances.

Our certified Organic Reparative Cream acts like a second skin type bandage. Biomimetic, its light texture soaks in fast without disrupting the skin’s physiological balance. To repair, dry, and sanitize, our Reparative Lotion adds zinc alongside our patented ingredient.

repair range - Les Laboratoires de Biarritz
little hurt repair range

Hurting That Will Scar

Scars can end up numerous. Literal marks of events in our lives, they constitute more or less striking memories that are important to treat and protect. Acne, a bad fall, surgeries, etc. are all events that leave a deep trace on your skin. When the scar is still recent, do not hesitate to massage it to keep it moisturized and incite cells to regenerate. Reparative creams like ours are just the thing for it. At the same time, sometimes you might want to hide these marks out of embarrassment or to avoid having sunlight accentuate depigmentation. For this, the best choice is to use a tinted sunscreen like our certified Organic SPF50+ Tinted Sunscreen Stick. Its very high protection in a colored formula enables you to protect and camouflage. This is important to remember as scars should be protected from UV light for one year.

Hurts After Hair Removal, Dermatological Procedures, or Minor Interventions

When the skin is subjected to heavy stress, it reacts by reddening, feeling irritated, or itchy. This can happen after hair removal or even minor dermatological procedures/ interventions. The solution: relieve the skin and help it heal. Our star ingredient, Alga Sendatu®, combined with alpha-bisabolol in our reparative products instantly does just that.

Hurting After Tattooing

Tattoos are a more and more common feature of our skin. However, they are traumatic for the epidermis and require soothing.

Moisturizing, protecting, and soothing the tattooed area means both preserving the art and doing everything it takes to keep the skin healthy.

Our certified Organic Reparative Tattoo Aftercare Cream is perfect for it.Rich in Alga Sendatu®, in purifying zinc, but also in Organic jojoba and coconut oils, it helps to repair and sanitize the skin completely.

Just like a shielding bandage, it will equally serve the skin and the tattoo.

Crème post tatouage - Les Laboratoires de Biarritz
Diaper Change Cream

Hurting in the Diaper Area: Irritation and Discomfort


Infant skin is immature and fragile. Because of this, it can quickly dry out and redden because the acid mantle is still thin and imperfect. Our Baby products are made with gentle formulas, that are particularly respectful of the natural equilibrium of infant skin.

In this way, our certified Organic Diaper Change Cream helps protect, repair, and soothe the diaper area thanks to Alga-Paisium, an exclusive ingredient that is notably targeted against irritation.

Enriched with the reparative properties of Alga Sendatu® and Organic coconut oil that moisturizes and strengthens the acid mantle, it is the ideal skincare product to insulate and prevent reddening and feelings of discomfort.