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How to protect your tattoo from the sun?

How to protect your tattoo from the sun?

Year by year, you just have to go to the beach to see that tattoos are more and more commonplace, and for everyone… Today, we will answer the question that everyone that has been inked has asked themselves: how do you protect your tattoos from the sun?

Maybe you know it, maybe not, but tattoos and sunlight do not always go well together. But no need to rock long sleeves and a turtle neck all summer! A few precautions, a bit of care, and your tattoo will stay looking great. To not end up with a wrinkled tattoo and preserve its beautiful detail, you might as well follow a few basic tips.

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The Best Way to Protect Your Fully Healed Tattoo

First of all, it is important to differentiate a fresh tattoo from a fully healed one. After 6 weeks, your tattoo can be considered healed and nothing will happen to it. Almost…

Indeed, the sun will not erase your tattoo, but if it has colors, they can fade, and lines can blur. As such, do not hesitate to protect it just like the rest of your body: with a suitable SPF (at least 30), re-applied frequently (every two hours).

When it comes to the type of sunscreen, sticks are very well suited to shield tattoos because they stay on very well. Laboratoires de Biarritz Tinted Sunscreen Stick provides maximum shielding at SPF50+ and with its light coloring that camouflages redness or scarring.

Be Careful During Healing

However, coming out of the tattoo salon it is very important to be careful for the first 4 to 6 weeks. There are many risks, starting with possible alteration of the tattoo or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that causes unsightly dark spots that persist for months and are not easy to get rid of.

During the healing process, it is best to keep it out of the sun. If you have to, double up your protection. Cover the tattoo with clothing or a bandage, and use sunscreen, preferably with mineral screens. Indeed, unlike chemical filters, they block UV rays at the surface of the skin. As your skin has recently been damaged (by the tattoo needle, itching…) the sun can tarnish or degrade your tattoo.

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Finally, while it is healing, do not go in the ocean and apply reparative care generously. Our Reparative Tattoo Aftercare Cream is perfect because it repairs, sanitizes, and protects thanks to its exclusive ingredient, Alga Sendatu® made from red seaweed. 

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