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Looking After Ski Instructors & Skiers with Laboratoires de Biarritz

Looking After Ski Instructors & Skiers with Laboratoires de Biarritz

“No sunburn this winter” could be the slogan that sums up our motivation to make our ALGA MARIS SPF50 Face Sunscreen available for everyone this winter. Four ski resorts were lucky to benefit from our high natural sun protection for their instructors and clients. The ski schools of Alpes Peisey-Vallandry, Courchevel village, Arc 1800 and Plagne-Bellecôte will all have a Laboratoires de Biarritz sunscreen dispenser until the end of the season (April). As we like to remind people, it is not only at the beach where you need protect yourself from the sun.

Indeed, white snow is the most reflective surface on the planet when it comes to solar radiation. Reflectance is between 40 and 90%, compared to only 15 to 20% off sand. And the higher you go in altitude, the higher the UV index gets. So in the wintry mountains, there is every reason to double check that you are protecting your skin from UVs effectively.

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Ski Instructors are Convinced by Our Suncare Products

In all, over 400 skiing and snowboarding instructors across the four resorts use our ALGA MARIS suncare products. Our SPF50 Face Sunscreen, SPF50+ Sunscreen Stick, or SPF30 Lip Balm are all certified Organic and provide optimal protection in every type of extreme conditions that they encounter at work: intense UVs, wind, snow, and cold temperatures…

Our Equally-Protected Ambassadors

A Ski Instructor at the Arc 1800 French Ski School, Valentine Cohendoz is also a Laboratoires de Biarritz. She was able to introduce ALGA MARIS products to Dorian Seyer, a Snowboard Instructor at the the FSS. The polar explorer Vincent Colliard is leading a series of expeditions to cross the 20 largest ice caps on the planet. The talented and multi-faceted adventurer also uses our suncare products to protect his skin from the harsh weather conditions he encounters. Lea Brassy, surfer and adventurer, is also a part of our team of environmentally-conscious ambassadors.

A Perfectly Designed Product Range

Designed for the level of protection required for sports, ALGA MARIS® sunscreen products are easy to apply to skin weatherbeaten by the cold. Ideally packaged to be slid in the pocket of a coat or jumpsuit, our SPF50+ Sunscreen Stick’s white color makes it easy to see the areas that have been covered.  It is particularly suited to make “touch-ups” on exposed areas such as the ears, the nose, and the cheekbones. Our Protective Lip Balm (SPF30) creates a protective layer that prevents the drying of the lips, prone to cold temperatures.  Finally, the SPF30 and SPF50 Face Sunscreens are perfect for keeping the skin well moisturized in dry winter conditions.

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