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4 Reasons to Protect Your Skin When You go Skiing

4 Reasons to Protect Your Skin When You go Skiing

We know some of you are lucky right now having fun on the slopes, doing lots of good times before the next holiday. We jealous? Of course not! Not resentful, we even pushed professionalism to provide you some tips to enjoy the sun in peace…

Reason 1: UV rays are less filtered with altitude

If UV rays are less filtered altitude, it is not because you decrease your distance from the sun a few hundred meters… The exact reason? As you away from the sea level, the atmosphere crossed by the spokes is scarce, easing the way the filtering power of the latter. In figures, remember that UV radiation increases by 10% every 1000 meters!

Reason 2: The reflection increases with altitude

If you follow us regularly, you are aware that much of the UV exposure is due to reverberation. Now the snow is the surface on which the reflection of the radiation is the most important. It is between 40% and 90%, when it reaches only 15% to 20% on the sand…

Reason 3: The cold limit the sensation of heat

Yes, this sentence has no interest! But, it evokes a fact that should be remembered. Indeed, when you are taking a summer sunburn, heat felt on your skin is a warning signal that you must rely. In the mountains, temperatures do not allow this feeling and this is how you can expose you all day without protect you.

Reason 4: The pleasure to feel her skin hydrated and protected stick

Designed to fit hydration and protection needs felt in the context of sport, solar products ALGA MARIS ® apply with pleasure and sweetness on the skins battered by the cold. Conveniently packaged in order to slip into the pocket of a coat or a combination, the solar stick SPF 50 provides more specifically to reach difficult areas such as the ears, nose or cheekbones. Finally ideally complements our protective lip balm (SPF 30), face creams and SPF 30 and SPF 50.

Now you can enjoy winter sports  safely ! But remember that regarding broken legs,  we can not do anything unfortunately… So be careful ?