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3 Tips to Make Your Tan Last Longer

3 Tips to Make Your Tan Last Longer

Summer is over and your beautiful tan is fading. Luckily, a select skin care routine can keep it lasting longer through the beginning of Fall. Here is our advice!

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What is a tan and how does it work?

Skin tanning is defense mechanism against ultraviolet radiation. Under the effect of UV rays, melanocytes start producing melanin. Once synthesized by the dendritic cells of the epidermis, melanin can absorb and reflect very energetic ultraviolet rays (UVB) and protect the skin. It is this process that gives the skin its golden brown shade that is so particular of tan.


How should I take of my skin?

  •      Eliminate impurities:

In the summer, between the long hours in the sun and in the water, the skin gets a bit of abuse. To restart cellular renewal, it is essential to get rid of dead skin. This means exofiolating the skin, gently, to effectively get rid of the dead skin cells that have built up over the summer. Despite what you may have heard, a Scrub will make you tan more lively and last longer. Ideally, use our Body Scrub once or twice a week at maximum. Your skin will be soft, smooth, and eye-catchingly bright!

  • Moisturizing, a habit to never forget

During the summer in particular (but also the rest of the year), it is essential to fight skin dehydration.

So, what is dehydrated skin? Characteristics of dehydrated skin are easy to recognize: the skin is rough and dry, small dehydration wrinkles can appear, you will feel tingling and the skin tone will tarnish. Indeed, because of the exposure to UVs, the skin dries out and the subsequent tingling can become uncomfortable. Even if you took care to use protective sunscreens when sunbathing, sunscreens protect but may also dry the skin.

It is thus primordial to moisturize in both the morning and the evening, all summer long: use our ALGA MARIS After-Sun Fluid that will help regenerate, soothe, and nourish your epidermis.

To keep your skin supple, you can also apply our Dry Oil from our OCÉANE range of products, in the morning and evening to moisturize the skin at depth. Regular moisturization will enable the skin to regenerate and fight back against external stress.

  • Use Sunscreen Make-up

To enhance a tan several weeks after going on holidays, it is OK to cheat a little with a few tricks.

The sun is still out and exposure, even if it is less intense, has an impact on the skin. To fight back against the negative effects of pollution and UVs, use a Tinted Sunscreen that will brighten your skin tone while moisturizing the skin. It will give you a healthy look and prevent skin aging. Whenever you go outside, for a walk in the city or in great outdoors, a Tinted Sunscreen will provide high natural sun protection as well as protection against pollution.


    If there is one thing to remember from everything we say, it is to never forgo the sunscreen! ?