Who are your HYDRA-PROTECT+ Organic Cosmetic products designed for?

For everyone, every day. Moisturisation is the absolute basis for beautiful skin, regardless of age or skin type. If the skin is dehydrated, it is dull, lacks radiance, is uncomfortable and vulnerable to external aggressions because the cutaneous barrier (superficial layer of the epidermis) is altered. It is important to know that no cosmetic product is effective if it is applied to skin that is suffering from dehydration. Thus, moisturising the skin is the very first "beauty gesture" to have, and should be a daily reflex. The loss of hydration concerns both men and women, young and mature skin, and the Organic certified HYDRA-PROTECT+ skin care range is suitable for all skin types and all ages. Another concern that affects all skin types is the perpetual aggression of our environment, namely oxidative stress (generated by pollution, blue light from screens, stress, fatigue, smoking, unbalanced diet, etc.). To protect the skin against these attacks, the HYDRA-PROTECT+ skincare products have a shield of antioxidant active ingredients providing overall protection against skin ageing, fine pollution particles and blue light from screens.

Thus, the HYDRA-PROTECT+ cosmetic range provides both a moisturising bath and a protective shield that are essential for everyone, on a daily basis, to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin.