When Sports Go Organic

When Sports Go Organic

Pioneers in certified Organic suncare for surfers from around the world, Laboratoires de Biarritz have developped a new range of SPORT products. Designed to protect athletes of all levels and all ages, the line brings together the wolrds of sports and Organic skincare at long last.

Athletes Also Deserve Organic

Tennis, running, yoga, biking, whether you are a weekend warrior or an accomplished athlete, you also deserve the right to Organic protection. We also kept all watersports ethusiasts in mind: swimmers, triathletes, rowers, kayakers, sailers, coastal walkers..  If even if surfing inspired our roots, surfing is not the only thing around!

Total Sun Protection

From now on, athletes can count on high protection during their exercise with our SPF30 Sunscreen Lotion, SPF50 Sunscreen Lotion, and SPF50+ Sunscreen Stick.

They provide high natural protection thanks to anti-UVA/UVB mineral screens and a patented red seaweed extract, Alga-Gorria®. This powerful antioxidant neutralizes free radicals  to prevent cellular damage and skin aging caused by solar radiation. Fluid and easy to apply, the certified Organic* SPF30 and SPF50 SPORT Sunscreen Lotions keep the skin protected and moisturized without leaving white marks nor a greasy feel. Your skin is protected during the even the most intense effort. Our formulas have been tested and approved by high-level athletes (surfers, ski instructors…) and were designed to provide high water- and sweat-resistance.

To the Very Tip of the Lips

The SPORT Ocean & Mountain Lip Balm is the outcome of scientific expertise put to the test in real world sports, with an ultra-technical formula. It combines UV and free radical protection, forming a long-lasting protective cocoon that shields the lips. The Lip Balm prevents chapping, making athlete’s lips feel comfortable and supple. As they are particularly sensitive, the lips require specifically designed protection for all extreme weather conditions for sports, whether by the beach or in the mountains.

After All That Effort, Time to Sit Back and Relax

After exposure to the sun, the certified Organic After-Sun Fluid moisturizes and soothes the skin. Tingling and burning sensations disappear, the skin feels relieved and soft. The generation of free radicals harmful for skin structure

does not stop after leaving direct sunlight. The SPORT After-Sun Fluid contains ALGA-GORRIA®, a patented red seaweed extract with strong antioxidant power. With it, the face and body are soothed and further protected from the damaged caused by free radicals.