How to Care For Your Skin Under A Mask

How to Care For Your Skin Under A Mask

One of the main COVID safety measures is wearing a mask. Whether it is made out of fabric or paper, when it is worn for hours on end, frequently being removed then put back on again, it will have no mercy on your skin.

The wearing of a mask leads to rubbing, warming, restriction of the movement of air, transpiration, and increased humidity. All of these different phenomena disrupt the ecosystem of the skin, leading to favorable conditions for the appearance of skin reactions: redness, irritation, etc.

Fighting adverse effects

Under the mask, the skin is smothered and may itch, turn red, or develop burning sensations.

Sensitive skin is particularly impacted, with dry or eczema-prone skin seeing its condition worsen.

The skin is subject to allergic reactions as well as increased irritation due to mask wearing.

So, how should you take care of your skin to avoid these negative side effects?

Operation Reparation

First of all, remember to gently cleanse your skin, in the morning and the evening with certified Organic, fragrance-free Micellar Water.

If you experience skin sensitivity on the nose, cheeks, or ears, you can use the Reparative Cream to soothe, relieve, and improve the state of your skin.

Finally, do not forget the Reparative Lotion, which is ideal for the treatment of irritated skin in high-humidity areas – or the exact conditions under the mask, where the skin gets damp because of the heat and condensation.

The Right Reflexes

In any case, reduce the use of covering make-up, like a thick foundation that does not let the skin breathe.

Instead, use a Tinted Sunscreen, which will protect the skin from the adverse effects of the sun and premature skin aging.

To relieve irritated areas a bit, you can use a moisturizing mask once or twice a week.

Finally, prefer cotton masks, as the material is less irritating for the skin and lets it breathe easier. A fabric mask is washable and therefore less polluting that single-use masks. Remember to wash it frequently and to respect all safety measures while paying close attention to the balance of your skin.