Tinted sun cream: which one is for me?

Tinted sun cream: which one is for me?

Summer is over, and with it, that nice little tan that we love so much. Not to panic! Our Tinted Sun Cream is here to continue protecting you from the sun's rays, all while giving you the healthy look of sun-filled holidays.

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Why protect yourself from the sun?

Protecting oneself from the sun is not just a summer thing, but a year-round necessity, on the coast, in the city, in the countryside, or the mountains. Every day, even in cloudy weather, UVB can damage the outermost layer of your skin, whereas UVA can reach the deepest layers and make your skin slowly lose its elasticity, causing premature skin aging.

At Laboratoires de Biarritz, we created a range of tinted sunscreen products with more than 99% natural-origin ingredients, with our patented Alga-Gorria®, which will protect you from the sun’s rays every day, all while unifying the skin to provide a glowing complexion whatever the season.

Our patented extract, alga-gorria®, a true antioxidant shield

Our Alga-Gorria® is an extract from Gelidium sesquipedale, red algae endemic to the Basque Coast. It is composed of an association of carotenoids and amino acids that enable it to neutralize a wide array of free radicals. The latter damage the structures that make the skin supple – such as collagen, elastin, and stocks of hyaluronic acid – which can lead to an acceleration of skin aging.

By neutralizing free radicals, our patented antioxidant ingredient Alga-Gorria® protects your cells and prevents premature skin aging, guaranteeing more than just simple protection but true care!

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So? What cream should you use?

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin to the sun and the conditions of exposure (latitude, altitude, etc.), you will find THE cream you need in our range of Alga Maris Tinted Sunscreens, however sensitive it is or whatever its color.

Do you have slightly sensitive skin and/or spend little time outside?

As complexion-perfecting, healthy glow-effect, and powder finish products, our SPF30 Tinted Face Sun Creams make your skin sublime and moisturize your skin. The creams exist in four tints – Ivory, Beige, Gold, and Amber – so to be adaptable to fit every skin tone, all year long.

Do you have sensitive skin and/or spend lots of time outside?

Choose our SPF50 Tinted Face Sun Creams which exist in three tints – Ivory, Beige, and Gold. Providing anti-pigmentation spot prevention and suitable for sun-sensitive or sun-intolerant skin, our hypoallergenic SPF50 Tinted Sun Cream prevents unsightly discolorations all while unifying the complexion.

The little secret?

To get a tone that suits your complexion, try mixing several different tints!

You now have all the information you need to stay well protected from the sun’s rays while keeping your complexion looking sublime. From now on, the Tinted Cream will fit into your beauty routine just perfectly!