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Study: The Benefits of Daily Sunscreen Use

Study: The Benefits of Daily Sunscreen Use

Now that the summer is almost over, many of us have a tendency to put away their sunscreen... and that is not a great idea ! Research has proven that daily sun protection, even low SPF, greatly reduces long term consequences of UV radiation (including skin cancer and premature skin aging).

An american study

We do not suspect it, but the quantity of UV that we are exposed to occasionally – taking the dog for a walk, driving to work on a sunny day, or walking to the nearest café – makes up 80% of our total exposure.

Some American researchers looked into the risks of cumulative exposure, over the course of a lifetime to clearly judge the benefits of daily protection, even if weak when started at young age.

By calculating average exposure times by age compared to the UV index of different American cities, they were able to determine the amount of radiation received by protected versus non protected skin.

The results were clear: with daily protection of low SPF (5) starting in infancy, cumulative radiation is reduced by 65%.

Our advices:

  • Apply a sunscreen daily, adapted to your skin type.
  • Avoid exposing yourself between noon and 4PM 
  • Have a day cream that contains SPF
  • Renew the application as soon as you go for a swim

So you know what you have to do;)

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