Pollution also penetrates through the skin… Protect It!

Pollution also penetrates through the skin… Protect It!

A recent study has shown that some of the pollutants in the air, phthalates, penetrated through the skin almost as much as the lungs... Beyond visible impacts, how to care for her skin to cope with pollution?

Your skin protects you…

It is now known, when pollution attacks your skin, it does not stop there and into your entire body, especially as regards phthalates, which are classified as endocrine disruptors, or free radicals… Assaulted your skin becomes dehydrated, loses its tone, breathing and ultimately less influenced your mine as much as your health. Just like an armor, the more you take care of your skin, your body will be more protected.

… Protect your skin!

Since a healthy skin is the best protection for dealing with pollution, here are some tips to maintain it.

The first rules to follow is that of cleansing. Morning and evening, it is gently clean the skin with a micellar water to rid it of pollutants accumulated on the surface.

The second rule is that of hydration, with the application of a moisturizer, morning and evening. He then comes to choosing a product strong power antioxidant, which allows the skin to protect itself from oxidative stress-induced pollution. Red algae that are the heart of our formulation are, for example, composed of powerful antioxidant molecules whose coroténoïdes and flavonoids.

Third rule, drink a lot. Water course, but also green tea, which will participate in the natural moisture of your skin and help you eliminate toxins.

Like a summer sunburn, dull or dehydrated skin is a visible signal of your body assault. Then take the time to prevent these attacks are taking great care 😉