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How to Moisturize and Make Your Legs Look Great This Summer?

How to Moisturize and Make Your Legs Look Great This Summer?

The sun is shining, the air is warming up. Time to show your legs. The thing is, they have been hibernating all winter and are looking pale. Good news, we will tell you the right way to get them looking great.

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Start Dry Brushing

For sleek and slender legs, nothing is better than dry brushing. Performed for a few minutes every morning with a suitable body brush, this ancient technique restarts micro-circulation, unblocking lymph and refining the texture of the skin. With time, a pleasurable sensation of lightness will arrive and cellulite will be reduced. How do you do it? Just before showering, start with a light pressure around the groin – to stimulate the glands that remove toxins – then brush lightly, going from the bottom to top. Start with the thighs (from the knee towards the groin), going lower and lower and always from the bottom to the top. Finish with the ankles towards the base of the legs, and press slightly around the groin to remove toxins. Then you can shower and perfect the movement by finishing with a spray of cold water.

Exfoliate Every Now and Then

It is possible to use a scrub with particles to smooth the skin and help your tan last longer. Once per week is plenty. Our Scrub is enriched with Rock Samphire and Alaria esculenta (brown seaweed) which are ideal for revitalizing and toning the skin. Another tip if you are on vacation at the beach: do not hesitate to rub your legs with some sand. It will be a natural scrub and stimulate micro-circulation.

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Pick the Right Moisturizer

Just exfoliating is a good thing, but it will not help if you do not actively moisturize..

You can do this from the inside by drinking lots of water every day, or topically with suitable products. Both are essential. Dry Oil, Pearly Mist, or Monoi, the textures and scents are multiple and each offers optimal hydration and unparalleled sensoriality. Another strong argument: if you want to keep your tan for as long as possible, you will get there by exfoliating and moisturizing regularly. When applying, remember to massage it in to stimulate circulation and make your legs feel great.

Camouflage with Self-Tan

In the beginning fo the summer, if you do not go out in the sun, or do not tan, using a self-tanner is a foolproof way to sport a rich tan and hide any little marks, veins, or spider veins. Our face & body Self-Tanning Milk, made with 99.6% natural ingredients, is enriched with antioxidant Alga-Gorria®, moisturizing Organic Aloe vera, and nourishing Organic jojoba oil. Its easy-to-apply texture makes the process that much more enjoyable.

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Healthy Habits

Diet and physical exercise are also part of the program. Of course, you can still indulge but try to avoid refined sugar and processed foods, and prefer in-season fruits and vegetables. In the summer, you can take advantage of the water and swim while doing leg exercises. The pressure of the water will have a strong draining and smoothing effect. If you can, walk or ride your bike, once again to stimulate circulation. Finally, remember to never cross your legs when seated to make them feel as light as possible.