Bathtime: the right way to bathe a bab

Bathtime: the right way to bathe a bab

After 9 months in mom's tummy, bathwater is a reassuring and warm natural environment for your infant. A time of tenderness, relaxation, and kinship - here is everything you need to know about bathing your baby!

The Perfect Time and Place:

In general, a baby is not very particular concerning the time and place for a bath. In the first few months it only requires a bath every 2 to 3 days, and once per day afterwards. There are only a few basic rules to follow for this special time between you and your child:

  • Where? You can take a bath with your baby by putting it in a padded bath chair. You can also use the sink if it is big enough for the child to move without hitting itself or put it in a clean washbasin or small baby bath.
  • When? We recommend baths that take place a while away from feeding, napping, or bedtime. It is important to think about your schedule as a parent: for those of us who have to go to work, a bath in the evening is better than one in the morning when everyone is in a rush!

The Ideal Conditions:

It is bathtime and you have readied your kit with a soft towel, a natural sea sponge or soft washcloth, a Body & Hair Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel, a diaper, and clothing. The bathwater should not be hotter than 37°C, and the air temperature should not be lower than 20°C. To wash your child safely, put its head on your forearm and use the other to clean it.

The Different Parts of the Bath:

  • Before putting the baby in the bath, take off its diaper and, if necessary, clean the area.
  • Let the baby get comfortable in the water, it is very important for it to be able to relax and move all its limbs around.
  • Gently wash its face with clear water with soft compresses or recyclable fluffy cotton pads. With the tip of your finger, wipe its eyes from the nose towards the cheek.
  • Lightly clean the ears with a washcloth. Do not forget behind the ears to prevent crusting.
  • Once or twice a week, wash its hair with an infant-specific skincare product, like our Body & Hair Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel. Be careful not to apply excessive pressure on its fontanels.
  • With a soap-free washcloth, carefully scrub its tummy, back, arms, and legs.
  • Lastly, wash its privates with an ultra-rich cleansing gel.
  • Take your baby out of the bath and swaddle it in an extra comfy towel.
  • Be sure to dry it thoroughly to prevent any irritation.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream before putting a diaper and clothes back on.

100% Organic Skincare Products Made for Your Baby:

Our Organic Baby Care Products respect and preserve the equilibrium of infant skin from its birth. An exclusive ingredient, Alga-Paisium from brown seaweed, soothes fragile newborn skin and prevents irritation. Easy to use, the formulas of our Baby Care Products contain very few ingredients to maximize skin tolerance. Their formulas contain soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing ingredients with very smooth textures.

To help you wash your child with your mind at ease, our researchers developed several types of products. For use during bathing, the Body & Hair Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel cleanses, soothes & protects the epidermis from drying out, and does not sting the eyes. The Face & Body Cleansing Water is alcohol-free and at physiologically neutral pH. If your baby needs a quick clean, apply it to a cotton pad or washcloth. Last but not least, Face & Body Moisturizing Cream is to be applied after bathtime, to strengthen the skin and preserve it from drying and minor irritation. What makes it great? Its fluid texture is perfect for relaxing massages.

Do you need more skincare? Discover our range of Baby Care Products to give newborns exactly what they need: nothing else, nothing less!

You are now ready to live truly unforgettable moments of family and wonder with your baby!