3 Simple Steps to Keep a Tan

3 Simple Steps to Keep a Tan

Back-to-school obliges, we have to forget the beach and lazing around to find the way to the office. To maintain morale, nothing better than feeling on top physically. Here are 3 simple steps that will allow you to keep a nice tan acquired after intense weeks of effort...

7 AM, your alarm clock rings and it is with sorrow that you realize that the holidays are over. As if having to bring your little ones (monsters) to their return was not enough, we must also think about your return to the office and all that goes with it… How to get better? By depressing colleagues using a magnified tan, obtained by the sweat of your brow this summer!

Step 1: Scrub

Let us tweak the neck once and for all to this belief, no, the scrub will not remove your tan. Rather, it eliminates dead cells, which are useless. However, we demonstrated gentleness, a comeback is tough like that.

Step 2: Hydration

After the scrub, up creaming. Hydration is paramount to soothe your skin assaulted by prolonged exposure of your sessions (and hopefully protected). To do this, we recommend our fluid after sun , which our tests have shown decreases in tugging sensations in 95% of cases and overheating of the skin in 81% of cases.

Step 3: Colors

Finally, since the objective of this barely concealed retained tan to show off in front of your colleagues, you put all the chances on his side. In your wardrobe, then made parte beautiful brightly colored and white!

The whole team of Laboratoires de Biarritz wish you an excellent return!