What is the difference between a serum and a face moisturizing cream?

What is the difference between a serum and a face moisturizing cream?

There are myriad types of skincare products, with a plurality of names, so it is not always easy to understand what does what nor how to use them correctly. For instance, Creams and Serums often get mixed up. So, can you tell the difference between a serum and a cream? We will explain.

Femme qui se met de la crème hydratante dans la main

Creams and fluids, moisturizers to use daily

Moisturizing should be an everyday ritual for every kind of skin whether it is oily, combination, or dry. The same goes for age: young or mature, the skin requires replenishment of water every day. For everyone, moisturization is a crucial step towards luminous and comfortable-feeling skin. And actually, that is the principal role of our Face Moisturizing Cream, which is great for dry skin types, or our Face Moisturizing Fluid, ideal for normal to combination skin.

These products also protect against pollution and blue light while making the skin feel good for the entire day.

Serums, concentrated ingredients

So then, what is a Serum for? A serum, with a lighter texture, is more readily absorbed into the skin. Getting its ingredients to pass through the different layers of the epidermis means this type of skincare truly acts at depth. As a genuine efficacy concentrate, our Face Replenishing Serum provides a lifting and smoothing effect.

Apply it after cleansing the skin or removing make-up, and before your usual daily or nightly care. It also serves to boost the effect of other moisturizers applied afterwards.

Complementary skincare

To sum things up, a Serum will act in a targeted and in-depth manner, whereas moisturizing creams provide all-day protection and sensations of comfort.

Combining both types of product guarantees boosted hydration for fresh-looking and radiant skin the entire day.

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