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Scientific Methods and Initiatives of Laboratoires de Biarritz

Scientific Methods and Initiatives of Laboratoires de Biarritz

At Laboratoires de Biarritz, since day one, we have been driven by the idea of preserving both the skin, unique to every human being, and the oceans: our ever-present inspiration. As we are conscious of the importance of transparency, we think it is important to talk about the steps we take.

Our starting-point was a clear realization: protecting the skin and the ocean is a commitment to the present and future of Humans and our planet. The only imperative: to act in the most responsible way possible, while demanding the best from our formulas, packaging, and initiatives.

A Commitment to Skin Health, Our Priority

Laboratoires de Biarritz products follow the philosophy of dermo-cosmetics. High skin tolerance, strong effectiveness, safe ingredients, and sensoriality are of the essence.

To reach these goals, we routinely carry out extensive clinical and dermatological testing, and the ingredients chosen by R&D are done so for their recognized and demonstrated efficacy. Rigorous demands enable us to have safe formulas, made with 99.5% natural-origin ingredients and up to 97% of the product from Organic farming practices.

Our Organic certification also guarantees that we use no controversial ingredients of petrochemical origin such as silicones, phenoxyethanol, or parabens, to cite the most well-known. Completely allergen-free, most of our products have been subjected to testing to prove that they can be used with complete confidence and safety for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Our formulas are also biodegradable to preserve the planet and the oceans. We do not forget that what we put on our skin is also what ends up in the environment through our showers and swims.

This is also why we chose to conduct independent testing to prove the non-toxicity of our Suncare products on marine organisms.

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Short Supply Chains and Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

Like everyone else, we try to limit our environmental footprint and impact as much as possible. Perfection does not exist, and the constraints are even more exacting for skincare with advanced formulas that require highly-specific conservation.

Nevertheless, our containers, tubes, and cardboard cases are completely recyclable. When possible, according to the technical requirements necessary for our products, packs and caps are made out of recycled plastic to promote the circular economy and limit waste.

This is the case for our Hydra-Protect+ products and some Suncare. The packaging of our Baby Care, Reparative Care, and Océane Care packaging are designed out of plant-based plastic made from sugar cane. An interesting resource, as it is renewable and capable of absorbing large amounts of atmospheric CO2 during its growth. Our cardboard cases are made out of FSC paper, a green certification that ensures ecologically-appropriate and socially-responsible forestry practices. Finally, the ink that we use on our cases is plant-based. As such, it is biodegradable and contains few volatile organic compounds.

On the production side, we favor short supply chains. Our laboratories are in Biarritz, our ingredients come from French Organic farming except for the coconut oil and Shea butter of course. Our suppliers of raw materials are 95% French or local, even without counting manufacturing, which is 100% French and principally in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region.

For instance, red seaweed, our star ingredient, is harvested once washed ashore on the beaches of the Basque Coast.

Concrete Action for the Environment

Beyond offering formulas and packaging that respect the environment, we also seek to act where it matters to help biodiversity.

This is why we stand beside numerous organizations like Wings of the Ocean, a French pollution remediation group that collects trash off beaches and coastlines. As a part of the 1% For The Planet movement, we donate 1% of the sales of our Baby Care products to Te Mana O te Moana, an association that works to save sea turtles in Polynesia.

We also support the Fondation de la Mer (Sea Foundation), which defends marine biodiversity and restores corals; Respect Ocean, which protects the oceans and coasts; and the Eau, Neige et Glace [Water, Snow, and Ice] foundation, in water conservation.

In 2021, we donated sales of our Baby Care products and all sales of Blue Friday to Water Family, who raise awareness and educate about water conservation, our health, and all living things. All this is possible thanks to you and your loyalty.

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