Studies carried out on our Suncare products

At Laboratoires de Biarritz, our R&D strategy is driven by three fundamental values.

  • The first, creating safe cosmetics that take care of you and that you can completely trust.
  • The second is to offer eco-designed skincare that does not harm the environment.
  • And third, to provide scientific proof for each of our claims.
Studies carried out on our Suncare products

Our Suncare line perfectly illustrates these three principles. 

Indeed, we affirm that "our Suncare products are completely safe" because we proved it with a skin penetration test. It showed that the filters present in our Sun Care remain strictly on the surface of the skin, avoiding any risk of crossing into general circulation.

In the same way, when we say that "our Sun Care respect the marine environment", it is not just a trendy statement. We state it because we had ecotoxicological trials carried out that confirmed the absence of danger of our suncare formulas for marine life.

These studies are always undertaken by specialized and independent laboratories.

High tolerance mineral filters

At Laboratoires de Biarritz we made the decision to combine the two authorized mineral filters under Organic labeling in our formulas: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Why? 

Because this combination enables both effective protection against the entire UV spectrum and optimal aesthetics with a reduced whitening effect. Skin tolerance and safety have been proven for both of these filters, why not go without the benefits of putting them together? 

 High tolerance mineral filters

Proven to not cross the skin

Indeed, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide exhibit optimal skin tolerance. Made from natural rocks, they are inert and stable. Thus, they do not react with the skin and do not cause allergies or skin irritation.

However, it was crucial for us at Laboratoires de Biarritz to go beyond and demonstrate their total safety with proof in hand. In this way, we conducted a study according to the standards used to evaluate skin penetration (OCDE Norm 428). It evaluated "permeation", which is the capacity of a compound to penetrate the different layers of a tissue, and "resorption", which is the absorption of said compound in the vascular system.

The study concluded non-significant permeation and resorption of our mineral filters. Thus, it proves that once our filters are applied on the skin, they remain strictly on the surface, where they enact their protective role by reflecting UVA and UVB.  They do not cross through the different layers of the skin. So it is impossible for them to reach general or lymphatic circulation.

The results of this study, along with the fact that our Suncare contains up to 100% natural-origin ingredients and that they are complete devoid of any risky chemical-origin ingredients, attest to their safety.

The study certifying the absence of skin penetration of the mineral filters present in our Suncare was published in a scientific journal, the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (23/09/2021).

 Proven to not cross the skin

Proven non-ecotoxic

Even if the formulas of our Suncare contain biodegradable ingredients, it seemed essential to evaluate their environmental impact scientifically, and in particular, the impact of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Indeed, in a Suncare product, it is principally the filters that are monitored for their effect on marine ecosystems.

This is why we undertook an ecotoxicity study on our products in extreme conditions to maximize the potential risk. In this way, in our study, the volume of water was limited and not renewed. In the ocean, the volume is considerable and in constant renewal. In this fashion, the concentrations of the products in the study medium were much higher than those measured in coastal waters. What is more, the Suncare products tested were those with the highest concentrations of mineral filters in the product range.

The study was carried out on a species of alga, a marine crustacean, and coral nubs*. These organisms were chosen to obtain a balanced and broad representation of the impact of our Suncare across categories of oceanic life. Indeed they do not display similar behavior, nor do they present the same type of feeding.

* These organisms are not considered animals in terms of animal experimentation as they are not vertebrates. Algae are plants. Crustaceans and corals are invertebrates organisms.

 Proven non-ecotoxic

The study evaluated the eventual ecotoxicity of our Sun Care product that contains the most mineral filters, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, on the algae Phaeodactylum tricornutum and the marine crustacean Artemia salina. It showed no effect on the growth of the algae, nor any effect on crustacean mortality.

Next, the study measured the impact on the coral Seriatopora hystrix of our Sun Care product with the highest concentration of titanium dioxide, and also the one with the highest concentration of zinc oxide. It showed the absence of any effect on polyp retraction or bleaching. Laboratoires de Biarritz Sun Care is "Coral Safe".

The ecotoxicological study concluded on the non-toxicity of our Sun Care products on the marine ecosystem. Undertaken in extreme conditions, it is even more incontestable in real-life conditions.

When we put this logo on the packaging of our sunscreen products, it is because it refers to the conclusions of the above studies, that we at Laboratoires de Biarritz decided to have performed on our Suncare products. Thanks to it, we reassure and provide a double guarantee to our customers: our Sun Care is safe for skin and the ocean.