What type of cleanser should you use for your skin ?

What type of cleanser should you use for your skin ?

Have you found THE cleansing/ make-up remover to use year-round?

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A new range

Whatever your skin type, after a day outside or in the office, your skin deserves some pampering and care!

At Laboratoires de Biarritz, we developed the first range of Make-Up Removal Cleansing Care products with Sugar Kelp (Laminaria saccharina) extract, brown algae that takes care of your skin while removing impurities (make-up, sebum, perspiration, pollution…). With a delicate fragrance of cotton flower and water lily, our 100% natural-origin product range will fit right in to your beauty routine, providing a well-deserved moment of relaxation morning and evening.

You probably know that the make-up, pollution, and even the dust that accumulates over the day has a direct impact on your skin… So it is essential to let it regenerate and breathe freely. For a beneficent and regenerative night, it is vital to gently eliminate impurities while providing the skin with a soothing care product, that will leave a feeling of cleanliness and comfort. In the morning, cleansing your skin enables proper purifying of your pores for better penetration of your day creams and serums. Ideal for a good start to the day!

Neptune Laminaria

To provide you with a made-to-measure Make-Up Removal Cleansing Care product range, our team of Biarritz-based scientists selected the best of all-natural ingredients. Thanks to the Sugar Kelp (Laminaria saccharina) extract, rich in active molecules with moisturizing and soothing virtues, and its diverse textures, the range will make your make-up removal routine much more than a simple cleansing, turning it into truly taking care of your skin.

The secret? In the Sugar Kelp extract, polyphenols soothe, soften, and protect. Laminarine stimulates microcirculation and has a decongestant effect to put the spark back in the skin. Alginates prevent the drying of the skin and promote moisturization. A selection of elements essential for cleaning and caring for your skin before the application of your moisturizing skincare products, to leave your skin feeling purified, soft, comfortable, and luminous.

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So, which cleanser is right for you?

Do you want a gentle cleansing, suitable for all skin types, that provides sensations of freshness, and that respects the skin’s natural equilibrium? Choose our soothing and hydrating Micellar Water for the face, eyes, and lips.

Do you have combination to dry skin, or do you wear make-up? Use our face, eyes, and lip Cleansing Oil. It is effective for all types of make-up, even waterproof varieties, and turns milky on contact with water.

Do you want a sensation of comfort? Use our moisturizing, soothing, and protective Cleansing Milk for the face, eyes, and lips. It is particularly appreciated by those of us with dry skin.

For well-moisturized and protected skin all year long, after cleansing use our Hydra-Protect+ Revitalizing Eye Contour around the eyes, with a few drops of our Replenishing Serum in the same product range. Follow it up with our Moisturizing Cream or Fluid in the morning, and in the evening with our multi-action Regenerative Night Cream.

And for truly radiant skin, remember to use our Radiance Scrub for the face once or twice a week (depending on your skin type). It will smooth and refine the grain of your skin while activating cellular renewal and microcirculation. Next apply the Rehydrating Mask (from Hydra-Protect+), a multifunctional product with a creamy feel that restores and relieves all skin.

And the cherry on top? All of our skincare is 100% natural-origin, vegan, certified Organic, and suitable for use by pregnant women. And all the packaging of the product range is made of recycled plastic!

Now you are ready to start the year off beautifully, with respect for your skin!