ALGA MARIS® high natural sun protection

Innovative, certified organic suncare for optimal protection: high tolerance micronized anti-UV screens and patented antioxidant red seaweed extract.

ALGA MARIS® high natural sun protection

1 For the whole family

To enjoy the sunshine safely, it is fundamental that adults and children alike protect themselves from the negative effects of solar radiation.

Combining several natural origin protective ingredients: micronized mineral UV screens and Alga-Gorria®, a powerful antioxidant, ALGA MARIS suncare guarantees optimal skin protection.

ALGA MARIS® offers a wide range of sunscreen products so that everyone can find the type of protection they need: special formulas for children, light textures for mixed skin types, rich textures for dry skin, targeted protection for sensitive skin, scar protection, moisturizing sun protection, tinted formulas, and more. 

For immediate protection on application and water resistance, ALGA MARIS® sunscreens let everyone enjoy the sunshine without risk!

For the whole family

2 Preserve the health of your skin

ALGA MARIS suncare is here to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the sun for the long run. High tolerance micronized mineral screens protect against UVB and UVA radiation. They are complimented by Alga-Gorria®, a patented red seaweed extract with antioxidant properties, which neutralizes the free radicals that attack cells and that are responsible for premature skin ageing.

Our Research has developed minimalist formulas, with no allergens, that respect the natural balance of the skin.

With easy to apply ALGA MARIS sunscreens, protecting the skin from the sun becomes a true pleasure with minimal white marks. Our SPF 30 products have a delicious natural origin coconut/shea butter fragrance whereas our SPF50 and SPF50+ have no added fragrances to take care of the most sensitive skin types.

Preserve the health of your skin

3 Environmentally friendly

With ALGA MARIS, the only active ingredients that ensure broad spectrum UV protection are the mineral screens. This type of material is not harmful for the environment unlike the chemical filters which can adversely affect marine flora and fauna.

More and more countries around the world are banning the use of chemical filters which have been shown to harm corals (particularly oxybenzone and octocrylene).

The mineral screens in ALGA MARIS sunscreens are of natural origin and respect the marine microcosmos.

Every day we are inspired by the ocean in making our skincare products. To honor it, we make a point of protecting its exceptional bounty.

Environmentally friendly

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