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Alga Natis - Bébé

Certified Organic Gentle Oleo-Calcareous Liniment

Diaper Change, Prevents Skin Irritation

Certified Organic Alga Natis skin care products nurtures infants skin from birth. Alga Natis is the natural and safe choice: ALGA NATIS Gentle Oleo-Calcareous Liniment cleanses the skin of the infant, while nourishing and creating a protective layer that insulates it from external irritants (urine, stool, rubbing of the diaper). Its soothing, high-tolerance formula prevents redness from forming in the diaper area. As such, it is  recommended for use in case of diaper rash. The alkaline pH of the liniment neutralizes the acidity of urine to restore a pH close to that of the skin. Read more

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Main ingredients

Alga Paisium:

Soothes the delicate skin of the newborn and prevents skin irritation.

Organic Virgin Olive Oil:

Nourishing, protective, soothing, antioxidant (rich in oleic acid, Omega-9, sterol fractions, Vitamin E)


Protective, film-forming

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About this care

About this care Certified Organic Gentle Oleo-Calcareous Liniment


Laboratoires de Biarritz Research developed ALGA NATIS, a range of highly gentle skin care products that respect the skin's natural balance. ALGA NATIS products prevent skin from drying out by strengthening the immature and delicate hydrolipidic layer. They prevent skin irritation thanks to their high tolerance formulas enriched with a soothing active ingredient, Alga-Paisium.

The Gentle Oleo-Calcareous Liniment is a traditional formula made up of equal parts olive oil and limewater, which cleanses and prevents irritations in the diaper area.

Minimalist and high tolerance formulas. 

No added fragrance. Hypoallergenic.

Tested under dermatologist and ophthalmologist supervision.

About this care Certified Organic Gentle Oleo-Calcareous Liniment

Diaper Change, Prevents Skin Irritation

        High-tolerance formula

        Usable from birth

        Alga-Paisium, an exclusive extract, soothes and prevents skin irritation

        Minimalist formula: 9 ingredients

        No added fragrance, hypoallergenic

        Cleanses and insulates the diaper area from irritation

Aqua, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*, Cera Alba, Glyceryl Caprylate, Algae Extract*, Glycerin**, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Calcium Hydroxide

Ingredients: 100% Natural-origin, 48% of all ingredients from organic farming

Application tips

Shake before use.


During diaper change, apply Oleo-Calcareous Liniment to a cotton swab and gently wipe the skin of the buttocks.


No rinsing required.


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