Evasion by Biarritz

EVASION by Biarritz brings you a sensuous moment of well-being with its divine fragrances and fine textures. Indulge in our exclusive, completely organic* skincare that brings pleasure to your routine. Skin and hair will be renewed: soft, silky and brilliant, with our natural and environmentally-friendly products.

Evasion by Biarritz

1 Océane Dry Oil

Océane Dry Oil is pleasure: its exclusive and captivating fragrance, the soft feeling it leaves on the skin and hair make applying it simply exquisite. It intensely regenerates the skin and hair, providing deep nutrition and active revitalization. The combination of four certified organic* vegetable oils (Gold-of-Pleasure, Hemp, Sunflower, and Prune) provides nourishing and alleviating effects, and an extract of Rock Samphire revitalizes skin cells. Be immersed as its divine fragrance and suave texture wash over you in wave of well-being.

Océane Dry Oil

2 Monoi Oils

Laboratoires de Biarritz certified organic Monoi Oils are moisturizers that are ideal to deeply nourish skin and hair. It leaves a delicate silky veil on the skin and restores brilliance and suppleness to the hair. An ancient beauty secret of Polynesia, it can be used all year long as a regenerating elixir for the skin and dry hair, or as an after-sun in the summer.

Monoi Oils

3 Nomas

Laboratoires de Biarritz invites you to re-think your habits: NOMAS is biodegradable powder with just five natural origin ingredients. Combine it with water to create a rich cleansing foam for the hair and body. Lover of the outdoors or conscious consumer, Nomas is here for you. Its five ingredients provide moisturizing and soothing properties and won’t harm the skin.