Who are your Meteo Logic® organic cosmetic products designed for?

For everyone, for everyday use. Correct moisturizing is the basis for beautiful skin, whatever the age or skin type. If the skin is dehydrated, it gets dull, lackluster, uncomfortable and vulnerable to external stress because the skin barrier (superficial layer of the skin) is altered. In this way, moisturization is the first ""beauty ritual"" to be performed and should be a daily reflex. Skin drying out concerns men and women, young and mature skin, and happens in both dry and wet weather. Our METEO LOGIC ® Organic certified care range is for all skin types, all ages, every day, all year. 

Another concern that affects all skin types : the constant stress that our environment generates, oxidative stress (caused  by UV, pollution, etc) and changing conditions (heat, cold, dry air, sudden temperature variations). To protect the skin against these attacks, METEO LOGIC® Organic certified care has active ingredients that stimulate our natural defenses and a powerful antioxidant that, by neutralizing free radicals, slows skin ageing. 

In this way, METEO LOGIC ® Organic certified range is both a good moisturizer and a protective shield, an essential for everyone's routine to preserve beautiful and healthy skin.