Cold, Wet… How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Fall

Cold, Wet… How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Fall

The summer sunbeams have left the skies to the cold and gray of the autumn. The changing of the seasons can really affect your skin. During these times of the year, it is more than essential to get the right reflexes for taking care of your skin effectively, with moisturizing being the key.Here are some tips to confront the winter with peace at mind:


1) Cleanse & Prepare Your Skin


Eau Micellaire posée sur un meuble


It is essential, before putting on any skincare product, to remove makeup using Micellar Water. It helps your skin rid itself not only of the make up, but also of pollution, impurities and dead cells.

Micellar Water does not upset the skin and disrupt its pH. It is a simple way to refresh your skin!

After the essential first step, we recommend using a Priming Serum that, by stimulating cellular processes, improves the activity of the skincare used next.



2)   Soothe the Face


Crème visage dans la nature

Dryness, redness, irritations… in autumn our skin has to put up with stress caused by the swings in temperature. It can negatively impact your skin, which has a difficult time adapting naturally.

To soothe and restore skin tone, we recommend using our MeteoLogic Face Moisturizing Cream. It moisturizes and relieves skin optimally, thanks to its rich and creamy texture and protective marine-origin active ingredients.

You should know that well-moisturized skin helps make-up go on, and stay on.

Finally, the skin around the eye is thinner and more fragile, so don’t hesitate to nurture it with our Moisturizing Eye Contour that moisturizes and lightens dark circles for a revitalized look!


3) Moisturize the Body


Crème et fluide hydratant sur la main

With a protective marine-origine active ingredient, our Meteo Logic Body Moisturizing Cream helps your skin face the thermal shock that it can come up against in the winter.

Apply the Cream to the body after showering on dry or wet skin. Help it soak in by lightly massaging in over the whole body. Your skin will thank you!





4) Protect the Hands, Nurture the Lips


Crème pour les mains

Constantly stressed by the weather, our lips are easily weakened and dry out. Before putting on lipstick, it is recommended to well-moisturize your lips.  Our Lip Balm is enriched by an omega-3 and -6 and vitamin E vegetable complex, and reinvigorates chapped lips.

We have a tendency to change our facial and body care routine along with the seasons, but too often neglect the hands, even though they are directly exposed to temperature changes. Indeed, the skin of the hands is very much out in the open, so it deserves treatment specially adapted to its needs. Our Hand Moisturizing Cream regenerates the epidermis and forms a protective shield: the invisible layer that it leaves on the surface of the skin and its marine-origin active ingredients block out environmental stress.


5) The Skin Heals at Night


Crème de nuit sur un drap avec des plumes

At night, our skin cells are regenerated while we sleep. After cleaning off make-up and pollution, don’t hesitate to use a cocooning skincare product.

Our Night Cream is rich, creamy and nourishing. Its active ingredients enable the re-initialization of the three majors roles of the epidermis: being a chemical barrier, a physical barrier and water conservation for optimal recuperation of natural defense mechanisms and cellular renewal.


Your skin is now ready to go out into the cold looking as good as ever!