5 Good Reasons to Take Care of your Hands in Winter

5 Good Reasons to Take Care of your Hands in Winter

The winter is tough ordeal for your skin... with the cold weather, it is constantly under attack and requires particular protection, notably in sensitive areas like the hands. Here are 5 good reasons to take extra care of your hands, as soon as the temperature starts dropping...

Reason 1: The Skin of the Hands is Constantly Stressed

Rarely covered or protected, always being exposed to fluctuating weather (sun, cold, rain, dryness, etc) and in contact with everything you touch, the hands are subject to much more stress than any other part of your body. Indeed, there are very few activities that do not require using your hands…

Reason 2: The Skin of the Hands is Particularly Thin

Even though the hands are associated with strength and resilience, they are actually very fragile mainly because of the lack of thickness of the skin. Indeed, even if the epidermis of the palm of the hands is very dense, the back of the hands is scarcely thinner than that of the eyelids…

Reason 3: The Skin of the Hands Lacks Sebaceous Glands

Another thing to know about the skin of the hands is that it is particularly poorly irrigated by sebaceous glands, that produce a naturally protective film. In this way, besides being very exposed, they are naturally not as well equipped to face stress.

Reason 4: Your Hands Show Who You Are

Men, you should know that the hands are the second thing that women look at, just after the eyes but before the smile. Do not neglect them, they say a lot about you and the care that you take in your appearance. As for you ladies, tell yourselves that it would be a shame to waste all the effort that you put into your appearance with neglected hands….

Reason 5: There are METEO LOGIC ® Moisturizing Creams and Fluids

We took a holistic approach to designing these hand-care products. If they are damaged, the rich texture of the Cream provides a moisturizing effect that acts at depth, protecting skin from irritations and enhancing its adaptability to external stress. If they need to repaired, the fluid is the perfect follow-up for the healing treatment. It instantly soaks into the skin and deeply moisturizes your hands to lastingly conserve soft and supple skin.

From now on,  besides by wearing gloves, you know what to do to repair, protect and nurture your hands in the winter ?.

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